Do not allow fear to hinder you from moving forward!

Now we are one week into 2018 – yes only one week. Christmas seems so far away yet it was less than two weeks ago.  Have you given much thought about your plans for this year? I can boldly state there will be obstacles along the way, some may even call you to reconsider your plans. Will you allow the obstacles or fear of them stop you going for what you want or will you plough through?

We all have fears; some large some small and some are downright embarrassing – small spaces anyone?  I dislike being closed in so literally run through any form of confined outside space – my husband finds it hilarious! Fears can hinder us from moving forward if we allow them to.  At times the fear of the unknown is worse than dealing with the actual issue. I have felt fear when thinking about undertaking a new challenging project or task. At this point I have no idea how I will manage the task or project, I could have sailed through with flying colours but fear left me feeling completely out of my depth.

Feeling an element of fear does us no harm, I am not referring to crippling fear where one is unable to function but a slight fear. The important factor in all of this is you choose to move despite the fear, that you do it scared.  If you are speaking at an event you may stumble on one or two words, if you are participating in a dance you may miss one or two steps, the key factor is you are doing it.  In this case fear is not holding you back but you are conquering fear – whether you feel it or not is an entirely different matter!

Many people present themselves as being fearless due to deciding to put their best foot forward and doing what they need to, to get where they want to. We have no idea how they feel inside whilst delivering. We accept whatever they present to us and people will in turn do the same for you.

A few tips:

1.  Accept you are fearful and CHOOSE to take a step.

2. Think about why you are fearful and try to deal with the root; scared of failing, scared of humiliation, too concerned with the opinion of others. Be honest with yourself.

3. Give yourself a reward after you have stepped out of your comfort zone.  It will act as an incentive.

Have you recently dealt with any fears?
What advice would you give to others?



14 thoughts on “Do not allow fear to hinder you from moving forward!”

  1. I find that breathing exercises help me overcome my fear and taking a little time out to keep still. I am looking forward to giving myself a reward in the future.


  2. Not sure if it is Fear holding us back, or not being able to recognize it. Like most limits in our lives, we sometimes do not recognize it is there. Fear may be removed, but first you must see and accept that it is there in the first place.


  3. I agree with you and others in that we all feel fear from time to time it really comes down to how you handle it. I tend to confront my fears, but I think the method we deal with fear is less important than the fact that we face up to it in whatever way it works for us. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. I’ve experienced fear, for sure, anytime I step out of my comfort zone. But what’s the worst that can happen if you try something new? If it doesn’t work your life won’t be over. When I’m entertaining friends for dinner, I’ll often try a new recipe. I figure if it doesn’t turn out well, these are my friends. What are they going to do? Disown me?!

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    1. I love your outlook on life Jeannette! Often we see mishaps as major disasters when in fact they are easily rectified. Our focus is often on what others will think when we should concentrate on what we wish to dom


  5. Hi Phoenicia – I think # 2 is the most helpful – find out why. Once you know that you can deal with it.
    Great post – you always make us think.

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