About me

I am a married, Christian mother of two beautiful children – a girl and boy.  My wonderful husband (also a Christian) and I met in 2004 and married in May 2005.  Yes, there have been challenges along the way but we have grown spiritually and emotionally. 

Since a young child, I have loved to read and write.  I am fascinated by the English language and enjoy escaping into a good book.

I am a born organiser; in my teens and twenties I organised group holidays day trips and evenings out.  Nowadays, my social life has somewhat dwindled but I jump at every opportunity to lead or assist with bringing events together.

I have a passion for encouraging and uplifting others to realise their full potential.   I have worked closely with and mentored youth and women. 

My blog’s focus is to provide you with advice on how to organise the different aspects of your life, whilst striving towards your goals.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Phonecia!I have been reading your blog for long, and love it.I would absolutely love to someday maybe collab with you, since we both have roughly the same amount of audience and also write about very similar things.I could not contact you anywhere else, but if you are interested,I would love for you to leave a comment on my blog letting me know!Either way,lots of love,and keep blogging:)

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  2. Phoenicia – I read your blog and love to see them in my inbox. the last one on giving did not allow me to comment – not sure why not but: here is my comment in response to the question on experiences in giving.

    There was a local dump in this small community. An elderly lady lived near it in her small aged home, heated by a wood stove. I can imagine that she never moved near the dump, but they moved the dump in on her. I saw her in the nearby highway ditches picking up sticks and limbs for her wood stove to try to stay warm. It was near Christmas and I cut and split a pick up load of firewood and brought it to her house…I thought she was going to cry, she was so appreciative. A couple of her neighbors came over while I was unloading and asked how much I was charging her and I am not sure they understood that this was a gift. It left me with such a warm Christmas feeling, one I have never forgotten. It wasn’t long before I saw her house vacant. She was gone, but the gift she provided in the opportunity to give, has resided in my heart these many years.


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