What are your goals for 2018?

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are planning towards a prosperous 2018.

This is the time of year when most people set out New Year goals. I know they are known as resolutions but I like to refer to them as goals.  We can be over-ambitious when writing our goals and as a result fail to focus on how we are going to actually achieve those goals on a practical level.  Without the small steps and milestones it is almost impossible to achieve the outcome we require. We need to break our goals down into small chunks therefore feeling a level of achievement when completing a task.  We also need to write our goals down on a notebook – the nicer the better!

I have been reflecting on the past year; which goals I met, which are ongoing and how I dealt with setbacks.

I did not quite finish reading the bible in the year but came close.  Had this not been one of my goals, I doubt I would have achieved even this.

I began reading more books towards the end of the year.  The only issue is where to store them as our bookshelf is full. I am slowly gravitating towards owning a kindle.

Another goal was enjoying each moment. I have certainly improved but there is room for development. My daughter recently complained I am always cleaning and tidying our home.  You would think she would appreciate living in a clean and tidy home. Her use of the word ‘always’ is somewhat misleading.  Perhaps she wanted my attention there and then as children do and became frustrated when I was busy doing housework.  Bearing in mind through the complaining, my daughter did not once offer to help to reduce my load.

I must say my mind pondered on hiring a cleaner on at least five occasions over the Christmas period.  I hosted nine people on Christmas Day and two family members over the week. Guests certainly equals more work but we had fun!

What goals did you set in 2017?
Did you put milestones in place?
Will you approach your goals in 2018 any differently?


15 thoughts on “What are your goals for 2018?”

  1. Hi Phoencia,

    Well done with your 2018 planning. I personally also love to reflect about last year to understand what went wrong and what worked out. I think it is necessary to learn the lessons from last year to become better next year.

    Good luck with your resolutions 🙂 Many of them are on my list as well


  2. Glad you are so close finishing the bible. I use an audio tape version, and I will say it took forever to get through, but I did turn back the tape to hear portions I wanted more information on.
    For me, I am going into new endeavors, so I guess my goals revolve around them.
    Happy New Year.

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  3. I’ve been working on my 2018 goals for a few weeks. It’s fun for me to line them out and prioritize and decide how to begin each of them. The challenge for me is always narrowing down the number of projects. I want to do everything!

    Your daughter–love the story that she didn’t offer to help. Kids are so funny.


  4. Ho Phoenicia – what a great thought – renaming resolutions goals. Often when people make resolutions it’s rather a spur of the moment thing and I doubt very few are serious about actually keeping them. However, setting goals puts it on an entirely different level and mindset. Goals do require planning and seem more serious somehow. Good thinking..

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  5. Hi Phoenicia. New year is always a time when we naturally think over the previous year and also ahead to new goals and aspirations. I too would like to read more this year. I already have a kindle which avoids the accumulation of books but when I do read physical books (which I occasionally still do) I like to pass on the ones I enjoyed to friends who I think will also enjoy them, or donate them to a charity shop. Good luck with your goals this year!


  6. Happy New Year, Phoenicia. Any goals I had set for myself for this year were pushed to the back as my husband’s health took a turn for the worse and I could not devote much time or energy to my own life or goals. I am hoping that 2018 will bring an opportunity for me to resume my life as a freelance writer and author in full force. All the best to you.

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