Do you allow time to do absolutely nothing?


At my recent hairdresser appointment, I sat comfortably and almost drifted off to sleep whilst she styled my hair. It was absolute bliss and I could have happily sat there all day.  It brought me back to a time when I went to the hairdressers just for a wash, dry and style. I was a student then and only had myself to focus on.  I was more than capable of washing and styling my hair but I enjoyed the pampering!

The thought that came to my mind was;

“I am enjoying this. How often do I sit back and do nothing, absolutely nothing?”

It is rare for me to be doing very little, especially when in my home. I am kept on my feet with two young children. The housework, cleaning and washing never ends. This is despite having a husband who works alongside me.  By nature I like to be kept busy – to keep on going, sometimes even when I feel tired. I am trying with all my will to break this habit of pushing my body. I am almost at the point of accepting that I will never beat housework or any other work in the home for that matter.  It is not a race or a competition – I have nothing to prove to myself or anyone else. 

I confess that when watching a film, I might just be browsing on the Internet unless the film is so good it captures my full attention. I stopped watching soaps several years ago because a) I found them utterly depressing b) I did not want to expose my children to the loose living so often displayed in soaps and c) I wanted to make better use of my evenings.

So back to this doing nothing (obviously not all day), the society we live in is so fast paced. We can access information almost immediately on the Internet. We can reach people all over the world via social media in seconds.  We do however have the choice to switch off and be non contactable for some time just as we were living 20 years ago and beyond.

I tell myself over and over, everything in this world will continue ticking over if I step back as and when I feel the need to.

How often do you sit back and watch the world go by?  

Do you have particular times of the day/week when you cannot be reached?