2016: Planning and Reflecting


What a week this has been!

I drafted a blog as I always do on Thursdays, saved it (or so I thought) and was unable to locate it in my draft folder. I obviously accidentally deleted the draft before backing it up.  Not good at all. Drafting another blog was the last thing I wanted to do on a Sunday afternoon after being out at church for six hours.  This is the second time I have lost a draft and hope it will be the last. 

My focus this week is how has 2016 been for you so far?  Have your plans (assuming you made some) panned out as you had hoped? 

I had a number of expectations for 2016; most met, some will be carried over to 2017.

Read the bible in a year
I am on track to completing the bible by December. Four chapters a day is doable even with a busy schedule. 

Develop within worship ministry

I lead worship every six weeks. Prior to this I was comfortable being a backing singer. I have been challenged and whilst I do not always enjoy it, I know it is needed.

Work promotion
I applied for a secondment role in February this year and was not appointed.  Soon after, an opportunity to act up for a few months came along. I reluctantly took it wondering how it would help to move me forward.  In May, permanent management roles were being advertised, I applied and was successful. 

Develop as a blogger
I receive one or two new followers per week. I continue to post new content once weekly.

Publish my mini-book
I have been looking for a publisher to assist with grammar checking and printing.

Network more on social media 
I signed up to twitter early this year and found it overwhelming to begin with. 
LinkedIn and Facebook are my favourites. My blog is linked to both of these.

Quality Family time
We planned all our summer holiday day trips and enjoyed quality time together. I drafted an itinerary which worked well.

How do you approach making and keeping to your goals? 

What lessons have you learnt along the way?