Consistency – is it underrated?

Consistency means stability, discipline and reliability. It means sticking to what you have set your mind to, even when you go off track, have little support from friends and family or you resent the sacrifices you have to make (whether financial or giving up your free time).

Consistency is not always easy, hence why some struggle to maintain this in their working and social lives. Consistency could mean carrying out tasks or projects and receiving no recognition for your efforts because a) nobody has taken the time to acknowledge you or b) you are working behind the scenes and are therefore unseen.

I will list just a few definitions of consistency taken from the Collins Dictionary;

1. Agreement or harmony between parts of    something complex; compatibility

2. Degree of viscosity or firmness

I was speaking to a friend last week about consistency. As funny as it may sound, I posed two questions to myself;

“Would I still blog on a weekly basis if I had no readers or followers?”

“Would the incentive and passion remain?”

From the bottom of my heart, I would continue to blog as writing is my passion. I write as much for myself as I do for others. I find it therapeutic. However like every other person I would feel deflated at receiving no feedback. Perhaps I would try to “put myself out there” far more than I do now. I would consider sending links to friends and regularly posting about my blog on social media.

If you are more of the adventurous “I will try anything once” type you may have signed up to a number of hobbies and activities over the years. Deciding to give up a hobby only has a direct impact on you therefore I view this as very different to committing to entering into a small business with a partner or perhaps starting a course that will cost you thousands in fees.

You have to make up your mind from the onset what your expectations are before embarking on a new challenge.  It is always best to decline taking on a task or commitment than offering your time, money, services and then back tracking.  

How do you maintain consistency in your line of work/business and personal life?