Five reasons why you need a mentor
A mentor could be someone you know personally or a key figure in society with great leadership abilities whom you can learn from.

A mentor is likely to be operating on a level which you are aiming towards in a similar field to yours. They are likely to display characteristics of a noble person with integrity as well as a spirit of perseverence.

In the Oxford Dictionary, mentor means:

1. An experienced and trusted adviser

2  An experienced person who trains and counsels 

With a mentor in-person,  you will have the opportunity to meet with them and possibly shadow them to observe the way in which they work. With a virtual mentor, you will invest in buying their books, CD’s and attending their conferences (as and when possible).

I have a virtual mentor, someone that I connect with. The first time that I watched one of Joyce Meyer’s teachings, I resonated with much of what she spoke on; her insecurities, challenges and character flaws. My husband already owned many of Joyce Meyer’s books and tapes which came in handy! The ‘Battlefield of the Mind’ is one that I hold very close to my heart.

What a mentor will offer;

1. Keep you focused – distractions will come, life will ‘throw things at us’ but we need to remain focused on reaching our goals. A mentor will assist us with this.

2. Encouragement – there will be times that we will become discouraged due to obstacles and challenges. We may even question whether we made the right decision. A mentor will remind us why we chose to take this path and help push us through the ‘dry’ season.

3. Valuable experience – walking side by side with someone who has already been down the road that you are travelling on. We might like to think we can do it alone but that is sheer pride.  

4. Honesty – A mentor will remain honest as;
A. They are unlikely to have had a prior relationship with you and therefore their advice will be unbiased.
B. They are unlikely to be paid for their service therefore they are not conditioned to tell you what you want to hear.

5. No room for excuses – we have a tendency to justify why we have not completed a task or goal. It does not draw us any nearer to achieving our goals but simply gives us ‘rest time’ when the going gets tough. A mentor has the ability to see through our excuses and will not condone procrastination as they know how much it will hinder us.

Have you considered seeking a mentor?

Perhaps you already have a mentor – please share your experience.