Why you need purpose in your life


Purpose is what keeps us going when fatigue and challenges arise. When we would prefer to relax in the evenings but understand the need to prioritise spending time on our business/ project/book.

Purpose keeps us focused and striving towards the dream that is deep rooted within our hearts.

Purpose brings meaning to our life. Without it, people can go on to seek fulfillment in all of the wrong places. Before discovering my purpose, I recall feelings of great discontentment and frustration. I knew I wanted to give more of myself but was unsure to whom and how.

Purpose exists for each one of us but some are so consumed by the trials of everyday life that they give little or no time to pursue it. How many people have you met with such wonderful giftings but no actual desire to do anything with them?

As humans, we long for acceptance (some far more than others) and to feel that we have made a difference whether in someone’s life or within an organisation. Having a purpose reminds us that we have something specific to offer, that we have a mission to complete which will impact on this world in some way.

Over ten years ago, I read a book called ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ written by Rick Warren. It completely changed my perspective on identifying and fulfilling my purpose. Please click the link below for a summary: http://purposedriven.com/books/pdlbook/#purpose

Have you identified your purpose?

Are you determined to fulfil your purpose – no matter how much it will cost in terms of your time, finances and energy?