What does integrity mean to you?


Integrity is undervalued in today’s society. Many are willing to undercut and do the bare minimum for what they feel is gain. Many are willing to lose their soul for fame and fortune, stepping on the very people who were supportive when they had little.  The world has become entitled, losing it’s morals and values in the process. 

Three scenarios:
On starting a new job, you notice your colleagues take well over an hour for lunch. It appears to be tolerated. Do you follow suit?

The sales assistant hands you extra change in error, on realising do you return to the store or walk away with glee?

You find a mobile phone on the train, do you hand it in at the train station or keep it?

This quote sums it up;


From a young age most of us learnt to shed blame and use others as scapegoats i.e. “Jane did it so I thought it was okay to do it”.  It is only when our parents stepped in to correct us (mine certainly did!) that we took an element of responsibility for our actions. 

We should not use others as a measure for the way we live our lives. We should set high standards for ourselves. We may not always meet them but the importance is that they exist in the first place. 

We will always be tested, on a daily basis in fact, it is entirely down to us to choose to do the right thing even when it costs.  Our word carries far more than we can ever imagine.  Our yes should mean yes. If we are unable to meet a need or complete a task, we should be honest and say so rather than committing and then backing out. 

Do you demonstrate integrity on a daily basis?

How important is integrity, to you?