When are you at your most productive?


By nature I am a night owl. I love nothing more than to be working on my tasks and projects when nobody is around to disturb me. I admit to using the late evenings to reflect and unwind when I should be sleeping. As an introvert, I crave the space to hear myself think. I can tell you it is much needed after a long day at work or a hectic day with my children! 

I come alive at night while my husband begins to wind down. I am buzzing around the house while he completely slows down. Once there is quiet in my home I can focus on just about anything late into the night. I use this time to do all house administration and church ministry administration, work on my blog and my make up business. 

During the day, there are far too many distractions and other things that demand my time. Some of which I have little control over – responsibilities in my full-time job, cold callers, children vying for my attention and so on.

Listed below are a number of advantages of working at night;

1. Working in the stillness of the night means you can focus entirely on your project with no distractions. You are more open to creative thinking and innovative thinking.

2. Working in isolation means you are not required to consider and meet the needs of others during this time.  

3. You have set goals which you intend to meet.  You are focused and determined – hence the willingness to lose sleep. 

4. Consistency  – night owls are almost guaranteed to have a greater level of consistency.  Once you have identified that you work best at night, there is very little that can hinder you from doing so.

Listed below are a few disadvantages;

1. Health problems – when we sleep, our brains are at rest.  Reducing your sleeping hours means you may have periods of sleepiness during the day along with low concentration levels.

2. Tiredness. It does catch up with you. By Friday evening I am exhausted but I then follow the exact routine the following week!

To round up, there are many benefits of being a night owl. However, I understand that it may not be easy for some to make such a transition.

When are you most productive?

Have you adjusted anything in your life to accommodate better productivity?