When life takes a detour

It is great to be back on my blog after five long months!

Today, I will explore the challenge of when life does not quite go as planned, when you do not reach your goals as expected and when opportunities pass you by.

From the age of 15 or16, we are expected to know what college and university course we would like to choose and what career we would like to enter into. Some have a smooth linear transition from GCSEs, A levels, degree, masters and the ideal job which provides the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder. Others will not get onto their desired course due to receiving lower grades, undergoing emotional or psychological trauma, suffering from depression or another set back. At the time of facing disappointment you will feel there is no other way in, the door has officially closed, your dreams are over – I have felt this on several occasions.

There is a point at which you accept you will have to take a different route, one you certainly did not plan for. It may take longer, offer no guarantees and leave you feeling discouraged. The flip side of this is new opportunities will arise, you are still enhancing your skill set, soaking up information and extending your knowledge base. Every sense of failure is an opportunity to learn a new lesson.

Whilst we would (well I would) prefer the option of moving smoothly from one step to another, life rarely operates this way. Challenges build our resilience, it means we work harder for what we believe we want and need.

As we grow older, we begin to learn more about ourselves; our strengths and weaknesses, our passions and where we fit in the world, in an organisation and within a team. We are able to use wisdom when making life altering decisions; looking at the bigger picture and not only the ‘feel good’ factor.

Allow the detours in life to help you grow, reflect on your journey and remain optimistic about the future.


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