Our desire for more

With many people having lost or being at risk of losing their jobs, one has to wonder whether we should be content with what we have. There is a desire in us, or at least the majority of us to want bigger and better; in terms of our home, careers, cars, clothes, furniture, holidays – the list is endless. It seems only natural that our tastes change as we grow older and our earning potential increases.

The clothes stores I frequented when in my 20’s and 30’s are not the same stores I wish to buy in today. I was at a different stage in life then, in terms of my sense of style and how I wanted to portray myself to the outside world. As a young adult I was into quick fashion whereas now I veer towards classic clothes and give thought to the fabric and fit.

Recently I considered buying a winter coat and decided against it because I own four coats which I have purchased over the last few years. I am desperately trying to gravitate away from this idea that I need more of the same, just because. I am slowly getting there……

As our salaries increase, our lifestyle changes in order to reflect this; our social life, hobbies, the area in which we live in, the car we drive. We are able to outsource tasks such as gardening, cleaning, ironing to free up our time to do as we would like. Some choose to send their children to prep and private schools to further enhance their learning and career opportunities.

It is guaranteed that there will always be bigger and better and when some achieve what is unimaginable to the majority, they will still push to move to the next level simply because there is more to be had.

The question is what have you marked as your point of ‘arriving’ or ‘making it’?

Do you see the world as ‘being your oyster’?