Be prepared and ready for action!

With our busy lifestyles it can be difficult to manage meetings and appointments. From business appointments to projects, just how do we fit everything in and ensure that we are well prepared?

I use my diary to within an inch of my life. If I plan to follow up on my customers, I note it in my diary. If I would like to spend time updating my Facebook business page, I note it in my diary. I am sure you get the picture!

Preparation is key. Working in excellence is key – at all times not just when it is convenient for you. Preparing in advance sets us in good stead. What you do today, impacts on your tomorrow.

Below are several tips on how to best utilise your diary;

1. Firstly, I recommend that you use a hard diary and electronic diary on your phone . Reason being, if you mislaid either you would still have access to your dates.

2. Prepare in advance for your appointment/meeting.  Are you required to contact the organisation or gather specific information?   Being unprepared looks unprofessional, thus creating the wrong impression.

3. Set reminders on your phone to prompt you to prepare. It is all too easy to have it at the back of your mind but a prompt kicks it all into motion.

How prepared are you?

Are you ordered in every part of your life or just your career?


Stop procrastinating and just do it!


Procrastination can hinder people from moving forward.  I will even go as far to say that it is crippling and serves no purpose whatsoever.  I believe it is part of our nature to want to focus on those things that we enjoy most. It is here that we are comfortable and confident.

I am definitely not a procrastinator. If I make up my mind to do something, I do it. For years I could not understand why people ‘sat on’ tasks especially those that take five minutes. Was it a fear of the unknown, no motivation or an element of laziness? The thought of taking on something new can be distressing but the longer you delay, the more challenging it becomes.

I try to live by this rule;

“Do not put off for tomorrow, what you can do today”!

We should not take time for granted, it is precious and we cannot claim it back.

With two young children, I work on my blog and side business during my commute and late at night. It is not always easy but during this time I can fully apply myself with little or no interruptions.

Read my five tips below on how to overcome procrastinating;

1. Take small steps. Look at your task and take out a few easy elements. This is where you build momentum.

2. Avoid too much planning as this is just another form of procrastination.

3. Stop making excuses as to why you cannot work on your project:

“I am too tired”

“I am not in the mood”

“I work well under pressure.”

4. Do not overthink as this could lead to self doubt.

5. Think about how valuable the project is. What is your expected outcome? This will keep you pushing forward until the end.

Are you a procrastinator? If so, how are you trying to improve on this?

Or perhaps you have no issues with starting projects.

Five ways to improve your time management

With increasing demand from family life, our careers and ministry there is a greater need for effective time management.

We are each given just 24 hours. It is entirely down to us how we choose to spend it. 

Personally, I have cut down on my TV viewing time which has made a huge difference to my evenings. I now spend this time doing things that are helping me to develop my character and skills.  

I actively set aside family time otherwise I will allow myself to get caught up in other tasks which are important but should not take priority. I love my family to bits but by nature I am a doer. I like to tick off my check list and see instant results.  

My five tips to improve your time management; 

1. Wake up with a purpose for each day. Without purpose, one drifts in life. I start my day with prayer and reading the bible. I ask God to reveal His plans for me that day and actively seek to bless at least one person with a word of encouragement, my support, a listening ear. 

2. Write down your priorities each day, in order of preference. Tasks not carried out can be carried over to the following day (there will be one or two!)

3. Plan to arrive early NOT on time. If you arrange to meet someone for 1pm, make a mental note to arrive for 12.30pm. This will allow for traffic and any other delay. 

4. Communicate your movements with your spouse to ensure you are working as a team. Pull together to make life workable. Ensure you know of one another’s plans so there are no misunderstandings or double bookings. 

5.  Make full use of your diary and apps on your mobile phone. I recommend noting events and key dates in a hand diary and your mobile.  Also use the ‘reminder’ option as a prompt. This works well for me!

How effective are your time management methods?

Do you secretly wish for more hours in the day?

Declutter your wardrobe


It is that time of year again, when you begin to prepare for warmer days.  There is something very significant about spring. For me it brings a sense of newness and change. Spring is a time when curtains are taken down and cleaned, windows are shined and gardens tended to.  I rotate my wardrobe so out of season items are kept in the loft. I am only required to make this change twice a year therefore it is not too much of a hassle. My husband rolls his eyes when I ask him to take down my clothes and footwear from the loft. He has clothes for every season in his wardrobe so it looks far busier than mine.

Children very rarely wear clothes from one year to the next. My children’s wardrobes are far easier to manage.

My tips for decluttering your wardrobe;

1. Make a pile of clothes that fit, flatter you and are in good condition.  These are definite keeps.

2. Make a pile of clothes that you like but for some reason do not wear. Perhaps they do not match other garments in your wardrobe. You will keep these with the intention of buying clothes to match. If in six months you have not worn the garment, give to charity.

3.  Make a pile of clothes that do not fit, were impulse buys or look tatty. Bin the tatty clothes without looking back. The remainder can be given to charity.

4. Avoid the temptation of buying clothes that are too small in the hope that this will be an incentive for you to lose weight.

5. Avoid buying clothes solely because they are in a sale. Think – would you spend full price on the item?  I have been burned a number of times by this. I saw a multicoloured dress retailed at half price and bought it with no idea where I would wear it.  Arrived home and realised I did not even like it!

6. Try to create a capsule wardrobe – only buying separates that can be matched to a number of items in your wardrobe. Less clothes but a variety of looks! Access link for more details; www.

Do you impulse by or shop with the intention of complimenting your wardrobe?

Perhaps you have a few tips to share.

Embracing everyday life


The past month has been busy, hence why I took a small break from blogging. Oh how I missed it though!

I attended; several meetings at my daughter’s school, church outreach event, worship team weekend, plus I moved into a new role at work.

Without my to do lists, reminders on my smartphone, praying and reading the bible I would truly struggle to find a balance and peace in my life.

There has been a large element of change lately, some elements I have embraced far more easily than others. I truly believe that during adversity our character and attitude are tested. There are some things we have very little control over but it is how we deal with them that matters.

I have in the past had major difficulty embracing the monotonous aspects of life which are necessary but can be “oh so tedious!” I tried to fight against these things but it was a losing battle and I was miserable in the process.

The Serenity Prayer always inspires and challenges me;
“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Now I enjoy carrying out everyday tasks by doing the following;

1. Listening to music/audio bible when doing housework/cooking

2. Involving the children where possible – yes it is far easier to do tasks alone but so important to engage with them

How do you deal with change?

What have you put in place to embrace rather than endure your days?

A woman’s work is never done


Another busy week lays ahead!

Does anyone else feel that housework is non stop? I am constantly putting clothes in the washing machine or hanging them out. Not to mention the household chores which I must say my husband is equally brilliant at. I am sure women around the world have the same responsibilities as I do but perhaps their attitude and approach differs greatly to mine.

My daughter breaks for Easter this week and I have various activities planned for them. We also have a special Easter Service at church. My daughter mentioned going on an Easter egg hunt and has asked if we are taking a family break no pressure there then! I felt a little guilty as my husband and I went on a much needed hotel break. I returned home a different woman I tell you! As much as you love your children, it is healthy to occasionally spend time alone with your spouse.

My mother recently encouraged me with the following,

“Housework will never end so do not try to beat it. Instead work with it.”

Those words truly resonated with me as I have, in the past attempted to out win housework and guess what – it wins every time.  I am results driven and receive much satisfaction when a task or project has been completed.  I like a definite end and am fully aware that this is not always possible.

In your opinion is a woman’s work ever done?

Do you have a system in place to make housework easier/less tedious?

Thank you for reading!

What season are you in?

The last few weeks of my life have been hectic (what is new you might say?)
A few nights last week I actually contemplated staying awake until morning as it was already 2.30/3am. I was busy preparing for exams and interviews. If you have young children you will understand how difficult it is to focus on anything in detail whilst they play and make noise or are vying for your time.
Our son and daughter both compete for my time. Our daughter is still adjusting at having to ‘share’ her parents with her younger brother! The sulking, tantrums and whining are just a few behaviours we have to contend with. There are times I imagine them as teenagers and then I remind myself to enjoy and capture all the stages of their lives.
I have been greatly challenged by embracing various changes in my life and time has been limited. I am all for change and understand it’s importance in order for us to move forward in life but sometimes it really is thrust upon you.
I believe this is where faith comes in   – I love the famous quote;
“Lord give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.
As wonderful as this quote is, how many of us live by this?
I admit to trying to change things in the past, through desperation and frustration. With all my efforts, no changes came as I was required to go through that season. This can be likened to a woman in labour, her body wants to ‘fight’ the pain as oppose to endure it but this will not bring the baby forth any sooner.
Are you embracing the current season in your life?
What are you learning from this?

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