Dealing with uncertainty


WE have been in ‘lockdown’ for weeks on end with no certainty of the end date. We are limiting who we come into contact with, how often we leave our home and where we go. Many have never experienced anything similar in their lifetime. We will long remember this pandemic and the impact it had on our society.

I commend the doctors, nurses, health care assistants, teachers and other public sector keyworkers who have gone over and above to ensure we are being looked after.

Often we believe we have far more control over our lives than we do and our current situation brings this home to me. Many will face cancelled training/conferences, holidays, birthday and wedding celebrations. Many 15 and 16 year olds will not sit their GCSE exams this year and instead be graded on their progress so far and teacher assessments. Though disappointing, our health and well-being is of the upmost importance.

We cannot be sure how long we will be required to continue living as we are. If we allow it the unknown can bring anxiety, fear and worry. We miss our freedom, our family and friends, our social lives and coming and going as we please. We have no control over what is to come but we can choose to accept that this is our way of life for the time being. We can choose to enjoy the activities that we are able to do; games time with family, cooking, baking, sewing, drawing, playing a musical instrument, reading – the list really does go on!

How are you coping with the restrictions?



4 thoughts on “Dealing with uncertainty”

  1. I have to admit not a lot has changed for me on a day-to-day basis other than I now rely on delivery for my groceries and other supplies. I live in the boonies so I still take morning walks with my dog and go days at a time without seeing other people even from a distance. I do have my masks handy just in case, but so far have only used them a couple of times.

    The hard part is keeping up with the news, like many others I have precious little confidence in our government, the numbers of people sick and dying are horrific, and the demonstrators just leave me shaking my head. We’re learning a lot about who we are individually and as a society, some of it’s pretty scary, but there’s a lot that gives me hope for the future. Wishing you and your family good health!


    1. I attempted to arrange for home delivery and could not find a slot within three weeks. Now my husband and I shop weekly – first thing in the morning. I avoid watching the news as I find it distressing. Instead I browse online news at my leisure. Enjoy your walks and stay safe!😀


  2. Ah, Phoenicia, how are you and your family coping? The being at home part is normal to me since I work from home. Going for neighborhood walks is usual. But the going to our stores every two weeks is unusual for us. This is the most surreal thing I’ve experienced since the empty skies after 9/11. I continue to pray that people will take this seriously and care about others. Be well.


    1. We are well. The children are coping far better than we imagined and are adjusting to temporarily schooling from home. We shop weekly and wear gloves and masks. We go for walks every other day. It is surreal – I have never experienced anything like this. Thankful for technology and the fact that we can stay in touch via many channels. Stay safe!


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