Worrying serves no purpose






In these challenging and uncertain times, it is difficult to advise others to cease from worrying. People are panic buying foods and household goods, schools are likely to close as of next week, shops, bars and restaurants will also be closing their doors and the NHS is bursting at the seams with more patients than they can cope with.

Those who are more prone to worrying can easily grow obsessed with listening to and discussing the current pandemic. Others will ponder on it then move on in their thoughts. They may appear to be aloof and unphased but the fact is they simply process chaos and troubles differently.

Worrying does nothing to change our circumstances yet many of us succumb to it. Growing up when a situation affected me, I would think of it constantly until it began to consume my very being. I allowed worrying to take my joy and it meant I rarely lived ‘in the moment’. Instead, I would be out with friends enjoying myself to a point while a part of me secretly worried about one thing or another. I struggled to deal with disappointment as I hated feeling and being out of control.

I am due to go on holiday in several months and it could possibly be cancelled or rescheduled. Years ago I would have had an out-and-out meltdown. I would have telephoned the travel operator on a daily basis requesting updates and growing more and more agitated. Today, I am trying to take life in my stride (and sometimes fail) with the knowledge that worrying has no positive  impact on our circumstances.

Are you plagued with worry?
Please share your experiences.


8 thoughts on “Worrying serves no purpose”

  1. Wonderful message Phoenicia. Right now much of the world is being forced to deal with enormous challenges. I’m glad you referenced how we each process our worries differently. I was trying to explain to someone just yesterday that fear is almost always behind anger and it can cause people to do things that would normally not be in their nature. I think it’s more important than ever that we recognize our shared humanity. Stay happy and healthy my friend!


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I remember I used to worry sick. Until I learnt the peace that comes from trusting God. Yes it took me a while as it was a behaviour I had gotten used to. Now I have learnt to seek Him when I want to worry.
    Your story is such a blessing. Thanks once again for sharing.


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