Life is short – loosen up!


Life is short – loosen up!

Sometimes we do not realise how short our life on earth is. We put much effort into planning, worrying and saving for our future. Whilst it is advisable to plan ahead, we should also live with an open mindset that life is unlikely to pan out exactly as we would hope. We must live flexibly enough to deal the challenges, the hindrances and the detours.

Some may well live life according to text book; GCSEs, A Levels, degree, masters, then entry into their desired career. All by the age of 25 of course! Some may take several detours along the way due to circumstances outside of their control which means they enter their desired career aged 30. Some may not go through the typical education system at all whether they do not deem themselves academic, they have no interest in attending university, their desired career path does not require a degree, they need to work full-time on leaving college. The point is each person will arrive at their destination.

Life is for living and we owe it to ourselves to have an element of joy even if life is not exactly how we envisaged it to be. There will be seasons in which we will feel trapped, frustrated and challenged. There may also be little we can actually do about it (I have been there). However, we can choose to focus on the areas of our life that we can change, however small that change may be.

Wear the new shirt/trousers/lipstick/skirt to work. Why wait for a special occasion that may not arrive for months?  Live for today, feel good today, feel proud of yourself today with the intention of enjoying the journey.  Let us not become so preoccupied with keeping our eye on the end goal that we forget to live in the moment. 


4 thoughts on “Life is short – loosen up!”

  1. My mom was big on saving things for special occasions. Not me. Life is short–my bed currently has a quilt mom & her mother made probably in the 1950s, a quilt my other grandmother made for me when I was maybe 8, and (yes, I love weighted blankets!) another quilt that grandmother made. Without kids, who would I pass these heirlooms onto? I want to use them and celebrate the women who came before!


  2. Absolutely. There are some goals accomplished but there are even more spontaneous happenings that I look back on and have a smile about. Now that I am older I long for those moments and it is not all bad that planning too far ahead at this age is not an option.

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