Allow your passion to be your driving force!







WE are all passionate about at least one thing in life. There is a subject matter that riles you up something chronic, whether for the good or bad. You could talk about this matter for hours and still fail to touch the surface. You may wonder why others are not equally as moved and even try and spur them on to no avail.

I am sure you can think of one friend or family member that once a topic comes up there is no stopping them! In fact you dread this particular topic being brought up as you just know where it will end!

One of my passions (I have at least three) is eradicating poverty. Poverty is responsible for so many wrongs in this world. Poverty causes people to take actions they would never ever have envisaged. Poverty means people are unlikely to have access to opportunities which would go on to enhance their lives. Poverty means children go to bed hungry, live in cold/damp conditions, are unlikely to step inside a theatre, own an item of clothing which is brand new, go on holiday whether in-country or abroad – the list is endless.

It saddens me that people, particularly children are living below the poverty line in a world where despite what we are being fed, there is more than enough to go around. For poverty to exist there must be inequality, extreme inequality.

One day I would like to:

1. Arrange a coach trip to take a group of disadvantaged parents and children to Hamleys in Oxford Street. Each child will choose one gift and we would all go onto a top restaurant.

2. Arrange a summer park event for the community comprising of dancers and singers, competitions, speakers and a limitless supply of hot and cold food.

Whether this money will come from my own finances or via a project fund, at this stage I do not know.  What I do not know is if you want to do something badly enough, you will find a way.

What is your passion?
What plans do you have to make a difference?
When we look back in history, change often began with just one person.