How would you describe your lifestyle?









Just yesterday my sister and I had a discussion about lifestyles and pondered on how an individual would cope with having to suddenly survive on far less than they are used to. How much would their countenance change?  Could they genuinely be hopeful about their future?

We concluded that most would struggle with reducing their lifestyle leading to unhappiness and depression.  Generally it is in adversity that a person’s true character is tested.  Whilst we can try to imagine the financial challenges others face, we cannot truly empathise unless we too have experienced this.

There are many privileged people living in the UK. Those whose children attend top private schools, fly business class, live on beautiful roads in affluent areas, hire cleaners, gardeners and nannies (even when the wife is a stay at home mother). If their income was to take a massive drop, their lifestyle would surely be impacted upon and not in a positive way. Life would no longer look the same, people would no longer treat you in the same manner, you would have to move in a different circle.

Sadly a number of city bankers have committed suicide over the years due to being made redundant. I imagine the thought of having that difficult conversation with their spouse was too much to bear. Having to remove their children from private school, relocate to a house in a not so nice area, stop their long haul holidays, face their friends and family.

To a certain extent we all have comforts. One person’s may be flying business class only and another’s may be shopping at Waitrose as oppose to ASDA. (I am a Sainsbury’s woman myself!) We enjoy our lifestyle and believe we and/or our spouse work hard for it. If full-time employees, we spend more waking hours during the week at work than we do at home.

Many commuters routinely stop to buy coffee from Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Costa and independent cafes. They pay £3 to £4 for a hot drink they could easily make when they arrive to work. Perhaps the hot drink makes the commute more bearable. Either way it is not a necessity but a comfort they are willing to pay for.

Lifestyle is everything to some. It is expressed via work and leisure activities; attitudes,opinions, values and allocation of income. Lifestyle reflects a person’s self image; the way they see themselves and believe they are perceived by others.

What lifestyle are you working towards? What is your main motivation?

Are you feeling forgotten?








The majority of us have felt forgotten at one stage or another in our lives. Whether it be the promotion given to your colleague, the fact that you dressed up to the nines on a night out and did not receive any compliments (women can relate to this one) or that your dreams/desires appear to be completely out of reach.  External factors including those I have mentioned above can heavily impact on the way you perceive yourself and believe others perceive you.

I have a tendency to withdraw when I feel overlooked. When a teenager I was extremely self-conscious and I can recall a very painful experience when age 15 or16. I bumped into a rather popular but pleasant peer at the bus stop and we proceeded to walk to school together. When we arrived at the school gates, our peers ran over with excitement to talk and laugh with her. Not one of our peers greeted me or acknowledged my existence.  I stood around like a lemon before walking away with embarrassment.

I have had moments in life when I have thought “when will it be my turn?” If you are honest, you have asked yourself this same question. The circumstances will of course differ but the feelings that rise to the surface are pretty much the same.

When you feel as if you have been forgotten you can go on to develop a negative mindset where you tell yourself: “I do not deserve it” and “I do not matter”.  After which you may purposely place yourself in the background and stop pursuing those things you desire. This is self destructive behaviour and does nothing to enhance your life.

It is important that you own your feelings however ugly, and dig deep to identify the true cause of it. Only then will you be able to work on yourself, only then will you be able to break free from the lies you have told yourself and the lies that others have spoken over you.