Making life that little bit easier!







Life is busy – plain and simple!

I often think of how I can accommodate all I need to do and the thought of it is far worse than reality. Working full-time, running a business, raising children, being a carer and so on means there is little time to cook from scratch, clean and tidy your home, keep to appointments and stay on top of administrative tasks.

So how does one manage and stay balanced rather than stressed?

Well, one option would be to outsource. Identify if you can afford to outsource and what you are happy to outsource. Hiring a cleaner on a weekly basis will save you several hours of housework. Try to avoid the temptation of cleaning before the cleaner arrives as it defeats the object! If you have a large garden, consider hiring a gardener. If your child requires extra learning support consider paying for a tutor (particularly if maths is NOT your strong point like moi!) Freeing up your time allows you to focus on your family or perhaps a hobby with no guilt.

Previously, I would cook on a Saturday and Sunday. Now we order a take away on a Saturday and I cook on Sunday after church. When we have full-on Saturdays, I am under no pressure to squeeze in cooking. It also means I am far more relaxed and less likely to complain which my husband is pleased about!

If you would rather not outsource for your own personal reasons, why not create a housework rota for the family to ensure everyone pulls their weight. Bulk cooking is also recommended when cooking meats which can be placed in plastic containers and frozen. You could consider holding a ‘gardening party’ and invite family/friends over to give you hand. Throwing a barbeque as a thank you would go down well.

Do you outsource in order to free up your time?
Are there particular household tasks you would rather not do?

8 thoughts on “Making life that little bit easier!”

  1. I agree with you Phoenicia. My wife is the type of person who trusts only herself to do a ‘good job’ in the house, and I am guilty of mentioning several times how I love her cooking more than any outsource support we got over the years (she’s an amazing cook!). So, now what I try to do is bring takeout on weekends, and outsource the cleaning and tiding of the house to people who excel at doing it. The results have been great, she has more energy to play around with the kids, to read and study the things she loves, and so on.


  2. I spent 6 hours a few weekends ago (luckily I was trapped inside because of the rain) taking everything out of just the upper kitchen cabinets and cleaning them, re-lining them, etc. Holy moly to the consumption of time! Great ideas for finding more of your time.


  3. A timely post—at least for me! I have recently hired a cleaning service once every three weeks, which seems to be enough for us. It’s a relief not to have to do the showers, wash the floors, and reach places that are now hard to get to!


  4. I absolutely outsource as much as I can! I’ve come to learn my own limitations and know what I can and cannot do. Outsourcing is a way to get the job done properly while leaving me the time and energy to do something else.


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