Let out your ‘inner child’!









As we mature, we naturally take on more responsibility but generally feel like the same person we were as a teenager. Our appearance would have changed in a number of ways but on the inside we remain ‘us’. On a number of occasions I have caught myself stating someone in their late 30’s, early 40’s is young because this is my age. I then realise it is practically middle aged!

I feel it is important to bring out our inner child now and again – to make us feel alive and to enjoy life. Being an adult can be downright boring and demanding at times, so much so that I have often muttered to myself:

“I do not want to play this game anymore”

I look at the way my children have such confidence in my husband and me, that we will care for them, that we have all the solutions, that we clearly never get tired, that we are indestructible. The notion that I am a parent catches me unawares – these little people actually call me ‘mummy’. I recall seeing my mum in the same light when a child, I thought she was superwoman. She had insecurities, fears and worries like anyone else but she knew how to laugh and not to take life so seriously.

So, how do I bring out my inner child?

  • I run up the stairs when home alone
  • I dance in the kitchen pretending I have an audience
  •  I ask my children to show me their latest dance moves.  I mimic them while teasing  to hit the dance floor at their school disco – my daughter shudders at the thought!
  • I allow my children to do my hair and make up. They then take photographs of me.
  • I make faces whilst looking in the mirror
  • I make jokes out of practically any situation – just ask my husband!

Choose today to let your hair down a little, do something silly, go on a swing at the park, run around in a field, roll down a hill (the adult in me urges you to check first for dog fouling), dance in front of a full length mirror.

Stop taking yourself so seriously!

12 thoughts on “Let out your ‘inner child’!”

  1. These days I practically pick out the tiniest funny part in any scenario… Life is already too busy why make it more complicated…

    Thank you and hope you are doing well Phonicia😊


  2. Love the dancing part! My husband and I are not certifiably crazy, but you might think it if you spent some time in our home. We have stuffed animals–(Adventures of Burt and Muggins) that go on trips with us and they have a group here. We are constantly playing jokes on each other with the animals as props. With all the stress in his job, it is so important to our relationship that we laugh as much as possible. Good post!


  3. My inner child is almost always there, hahaha! I have my cartoons routine with my children, we play together making the ‘roars’ from dinosaurs, lions (Simba), and singing together (especially cultural and religious songs they learn at the Mosque)…I also play games with them (Street Fighter/Mortal Combat, and the likes)…ah yes! And I take some time to watch Japanese Animes too (loved Pokemon as a child), and now it’s Naruto/One Piece and the like. Some people tell me ‘this is for Children’, but oh well, I enjoy it so no problem there.
    Thanks for sharing Phoenicia.

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