What is your purpose?







Do you ever think about your true purpose in life?

Do you even believe you have a purpose?

Purpose extends far beyond your career, hobbies, family life, responsibilities. Your purpose is what you are called to do and is likely to be something that impacts positively on the lives of others, whether a few or a multitude.

The busyness of life means we are often distracted or focused only on the day to day. Many have long commutes, stressful jobs, demanding families and after which there is little time to think;

“What am I called to do?”
“What difference do I want to make?”

As much as we enjoy our jobs (if you are fortunate) and love our families and friends we can make more of our lives by going deeper and identifying how and where we can make a difference. I believe each of us has something the world needs and by exploring this we will be walking in our purpose. One could be a good listener so often act as a confidant to friends and family members. Another could be a great encourager who offers hope to those who are in despair. There are many ways in which we can be a blessing to others.

After a long day in the office or working on your business, you may naturally want to binge on Netflix shows, read a book, catch up with friends. Whilst downtime is great and much needed, one should not neglect the fact that your life can have more meaning than this. Meaning is important as it reminds us we are not just here to pass time and what we do will leave a legacy for future generations.

15 or 16 years ago, I read a book called The Purpose Driven Life written by Rick Warren. This book has impacted greatly on my life up until this present day. It completely changed my perspective on purpose and I believe in order for one to be truly fulfilled they must have purpose.

Do you believe everyone has a purpose?

10 thoughts on “What is your purpose?”

  1. I truly believe that purpose is what we are called to do. We can discover it in our daily interaction so with people. I also listen to Rick Warren almost every evening on UCB 2 radio and have heard some inspiring messages on his show about purpose.


  2. I sure do believe we all have a purpose, but that gets blurred by the world thinking that purpose is success is in the public eye. I think some of the most amazing people are those who are quietly operating in the background simply being kind to those around them. That is their purpose.


  3. Ah, a question that plagues people from all walks of life. I believe that the reason so many people struggle with this question is that they are looking for that one BIG thing, preferably something impressive. Having purpose is an imperative element of resilience, but what that is can be as simple as being the best parent you can be, or dedicating yourself to a cause or as complex as curing a disease. Unless you’re out to impress the world, your purpose is whatever motivates you to haul yourself out of bed every morning to be the best you can possibly be and finding a way to share that with others. Thanks for another inspirational read!


  4. As a Muslim, and having been raised and educated to believe in the fact that we are all brought together to know one another, help, support, grow and socialize. I believe that my main purpose in life is to serve my Creator by recognizing His glory and following as much as I can in the footsteps of His chosen ones, the Prophets.
    I know that for some people this might sound dogmatic or worse, but I truly feel that way, and when I am not really trying my best to that (getting distracted with work and everything else) I feel that something is missing, a lack of peace or some of the sorts, and whenever I re-focus or go back to my main mission I feel much better.
    Thank you for sharing Phoenicia!

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  5. Do I believe everyone has a purpose? Yes, and no. I believe we are given a purpose when we are able to look beyond ourselves and seek purpose. Until then I think we are like the verse (Emily Dickinson, I believe) “getting and spending, laying waste to our powers.” We sort of have to “come to ourselves” as the scripture says in the story of the prodigal son. Then, I believe, we will be given our mission, should we choose to accept it.

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