Do you fear the unknown?






We only know what is happening in this precise moment. There is no way of predicting what can occur in even the next minute. Often our expectations for the future are based on our past experiences. We link the two. If a person has faced disappointment after disappointment in their past, they would struggle to expect anything beyond this in their future. If a person has had a rather plain sailing life then they are likely to expect a continuation of this in the future.

Therefore depending on our experiences we can look to the future with hope and a sense of excitement or with dread and trepidation. Life will happen regardless of our outlook towards it – the wheel continues to move. Not knowing what is to come can leave us feeling vulnerable and open. Not many people like being in a place of vulnerability as it is often linked to weakness and transparency. Where then can one hide?

Throughout life, opportunities and risks will present themselves and we will have to decide whether we wish to run with them. Some will bring positive outcomes, and others we will learn from. In all of this it is best to keep moving forward and planning for our future.

The unknown can feel unsettling as it is unfamiliar and even uncomfortable. Many will choose comfort over delving into new territory because at least they know what to expect- no surprises, no disappointments.

Is this truly living though or is it merely playing it safe?

10 thoughts on “Do you fear the unknown?”

  1. Hi Phoenicia, thanks for sharing! My take on this is that people are normally drawn to the unknown despite the fear that lingers within. If that were not the case we wouldn’t have come so far (technology and culturally wise). However, like many things in life, there are those who prefer to play it safe, either because of personality, or age, or even culture.
    I wish we could all be brave and face new things like true champs, but unfortunately not all people are built the same, and therefore there will always be the ‘brave and the bold’, and the ‘timid and comfy’ types…(or sissies like Doreen said).


  2. Beautifully said Phoenicia. I was just thinking last night how I’ve settled down quite a bit since I moved back to the mainland. I still have a fairly high risk tolerance, but I find that I’m just really happy where I am so I’m not feeling the drive to keep pushing forward at the moment. That said, I’m planning a 3-week road trip this Fall to parts unknown so I should be able to get a good dose of adventure under my belt then. Thanks for the great read and inspiration!

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  3. I sometimes fear the unknown but try to train my mind not to think the worst. Yesterday doesn’t determine our future but enjoying where we are right now is a better option.


  4. I’m always irritated with myself when I suddenly realize how long it’s been since I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something brand new to try. Thanks for reminding me to get busy working on a presentation about Wales that I want to see about putting on at our local library. Just for the love of Pembrokeshire!

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    1. Moving out of our comfort zone is soooooo important. A challenge is good for our bones though it does not feel so at the time. I look forward to reading your presentation on Wales!


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