Time waits for no man!









Time really does fly! I can recall my primary school days as though they were yesterday yet I started high school over 30 years ago. I remember most of the names of my peers and teachers, my classroom set up, school trips and journeys – Marchants Hill and Arethusa may ring a bell for those of you living in South East, UK!

Recently I read an article that mentioned the Spice Girls first burst onto the music scene 23 years ago – 1996. I know it to be true but it just does not seem they have been around for such a length of time.

When starting college in the early 1990’s a friend’s parent advised me that once you leave school, the years fly by. Aged 16 at the time, I felt I would stay young forever. Adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it seemed so far off.  Like most teenagers, my focus was studying, parties, clothes and boys. I did not look any further ahead than this.

I left high school 26 years ago yet when there, I wondered when the five years would end. It felt like a lifetime, perhaps this was due to my unhappiness or because high school takes you from being a child to almost an adult. These really are crucial stages of your life with emotions, soul searching and self-identifying playing a huge part.

The truth is the years do fly by. Speak to anyone over the age of 60 and they will likely tell you, they have no idea where the years have gone. Though they have married, had children, grandchildren and are nearing the end of their careers, that teenager is still somewhere inside of them. Though they are now slower on their feet, there would have been a time they strutted ‘their stuff’ on the dancefloor without a care in the world.

Nobody knows how long they will have on this earth so we owe it to ourselves to enjoy life, to live well with those around us, to take up that hobby (even if you may be no good at it), to give people our time. Time is one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another.

Does life feel as though it has flown by for you?
What memories do you hold from your teenage years?
What advice would you give young people of today?

9 thoughts on “Time waits for no man!”

  1. I agree! Life is going by far too quickly! Like RoseMary, I am now in my early 60’s and can’t believe I’ve lived 6 decades! What’s really connected me to my past and school years is reuniting with a friend I had in high school. It has been simply marvellous sharing memories with her and living/sharing/making new ones.


  2. Oh yes, time has flown by. I will be 60 this summer and like a 90-year-old-friend told me once, “I still see myself as 26, no matter what other people see when they look at me.” Yep, that’s the truth. I’m still energetic and enthusiastic, so to me only the outside has changed. Oh wait, I’m smarter now. ha ha. What advice would I give young people? Pursue, undaunted, that which you love the most. Don’t settle, but hold out for the best IN you that you can obtain and be.

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    1. Well you look great for a ‘soon to be 60!’ You also have a young spirit. I have a tendency to believe everyone up to mid 40’s is young as this is how I perceive myself to be. I agree with your advice of not settling – life is to be lived!

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