Do you serve social media or does it serve you?






The actor and speaker Denzel Washington quoted:

“Are you using social media or is it using you?”

The majority of us enjoy being on social media (me included, particularly LinkedIn) either to browse our newsfeed, post, network with our connections, stay in contact with family and friends abroad, the list really is endless.  The internet serves as a tool to link us to people all over the world.

Those who run businesses, blogs and other can promote these online. You can network with people who have similar interests and share ideas on a multitude of platforms.

There is a wealth of information online and sometimes, just sometimes I feel it is information overload. Just how much information do we need? How on earth do we absorb it all amongst all the other thoughts running through our minds?

Like most things, social media has its good points if used smartly and you create a good balance. We are responsible for our productivity whilst on social media and the length of time we give to it.

Pros of social media:

1. Promotes your business, blog, other enterprise by giving you exposure

2. Keeps you connected to friends and family all around the globe

3. Instant communication

4. You have an insight into the lives of others without having to physically see them (in my opinion this also serves as a con and will be explored below)

Cons of social media:

1. Time consuming and if only browsing there is little gained and much time lost

2. Causes distraction when you should be focused on other projects/tasks or even people

3. Can be seen as unsocial if you are browsing on your phone whilst in the company of others

4. Serves as a crutch for the free moments you could be spending reflecting and now spend browsing your newsfeed. We are becoming a nation scared to be alone in our thoughts.  Every single moment needs to be spent ‘doing’.

5. Provides a false sense of relationship.  You can believe you are somewhat in someone’s life because you see snippets of their family/work/social life, basically what they choose to show you. Viewing photographs online in no way serves as a substitute for actually knowing someone.

So to round up, social media has its benefits, huge benefits in fact as long as we learn to manage our time and keep a clear perspective of reality. As long as we keep our eyes on what truly matters.

What is your view on social media?
How has social media benefited you personally?
Do you monitor your usage? How?