Get out of your comfort zone!








Whilst remaining in your comfort zone may feel cosy and safe it brings no movement or progress whatsoever.  It brings more of the same which is of no use if you desire to move forward in your life. Our past experiences can contribute to our need to remain in our comfort zone. Perhaps we were rejected, overlooked, advised not to pursue a career or hobby due to be deemed as not quite good enough for it. Perhaps we failed the first, second and third time and feel defeated forgetting there is always a fouth, fifth and sixth time.

Over my life I have realised that some people really do find it easy to accomplish what I would deem as hard. The annoying type who pass exams with As and A* or receive 1st class degrees having done little or no revision. Or those who are walking encyclopedias and soak up every little bit of information that comes in their direction. I doubt such people struggle to push out of their comfort zone because they are confident in their abilities to achieve their desired outcome.

What if like me, it takes a while for you to process information in order to make an informed decision or that you have to spend quality time preparing to deliver a presentation/teaching or sit an exam? Do you decide not to take on new challenges or projects for fear of failing or not being on the ball every second of the day?

Once we are honest with who we are and our abilities, we are then able to work with what we currently have whilst developing ourselves . If it means you need to study for two hours a night in preparation for an exam then do so. If you need double the driving lessons than the average person, then book two a week or allow more time to learn. If at work, you need time to reflect and mull over your thoughts on key decisions, promise to provide an update later that day.

Pushing out of our comfort zone should be done with wisdom and an understanding that what works for one does not necessarily work for another.  Our personal circumstances dictate to a certain extent just how much leeway we have and it is good to be mindful of this before throwing ourselves out of the frying pan into the fire.

It can be frightening coming out of our comfort zone and resisting the urge to play it safe.  The unknown will always feel unfamiliar but we need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable as this is where we grow. This is where we realise we do not need to know it all, who does?

8 thoughts on “Get out of your comfort zone!”

  1. What an insightful post, Phoenicia! I truly hate when I am stagnating and stuck in a comfortable place. I often feel that way if I haven’t traveled for a while or if winter is lasting too long. I get in a rut and forget that it’s not where I want to be. I’m happy to have three trips coming up–that ought to shake my routine to the core. Yeah.


    1. Thank you RoseMary. I too begin to feel frustrated when I can see no movement. It rarely stays this way for long though as change is inevitable. Ooh three holidays- you are fortunate. I have just the one planned at present and am highly excited!


  2. Well said, my friend! I believe with all my heart the real issue is having a “why” and vision for life that is so strong you are willing to make the extra effort in whatever it is you want to achieve. I read an interview with actor Remi Malek this afternoon – he’s currently enjoying extraordinary success and he deserves it all – but in the early days of his career he had no agent, slept on the floor in his parent’s small apartment and got up early every morning to stuff his bio and photo into envelopes to mail to every agent, studio, and producer he could find just looking for someone to give him a shot. Motivation and willingness to make the effort come from within whether you’re studying for a test or pursuing a larger than life career. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  3. Being in the comfort zone is more like being trapped and being denied growth.
    Stepping out into the unknown and taking risks is the best way to get out of the zone.


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