Maintaining a good attitude whilst waiting…..








They say patience is a virtue.  It is one thing to believe you have patience and another to actually have it.

We are all required to wait for one thing or another and the true testing of patience is not how long we wait but the attitude we maintain whilst waiting.  We can choose to be miserable, resentful while waiting or we can choose to have good character. The waiting time does not change because our patience is running low. It would be great if this were possible!

Our patience is tested on a daily basis;
*The delayed train
*A hold up in your project
*An unwell child who you have to wait on hand and foot
*Being transferred to the fourth person in an organisation when making a telephone enquiry

We can become angry, irritated, annoyed and despondent and are likely to exhibit these behaviours to people who are either not responsible or can do little to change the situation. Whilst having an outburst may make you feel better for a nanosecond, it really does not get the root of the problem.

Personally I need more patience, I know it, my husband knows it and my children certainly do. Funnily enough a colleague of ten or so years ago mentioned I always have a calm demeanour about me in the office. I recall  looking puzzled and wondering how on earth she came to that conclusion. Clearly I have learnt the art of not losing my call whilst at work. Can the same be said for in the home? How we are perceived by others is often not how we view ourselves. Our body language and tone speaks volumes- far more than the words we utter.

Life does not always go to plan, we cannot just click our fingers and take action. There are challenges, protocol, delays all of which can hinder moving forward.  They are not necessarily permanent hindrances but because we do not know how long we will wait we grow despondent and lose hope along the way.

It will take time to grow patience and  just when you think you have mastered it, you will find yourself in a situation where you are yet again being tested.

Would you like to improve on your patience?
Or perhaps you feel you have?

10 thoughts on “Maintaining a good attitude whilst waiting…..”

  1. Patience is a vital trait one should have. I was always an impatient person. As you mentioned I used to give my energy to very small things like pending work, traffic, slow cab drivers or whenever the things don’t use to go as per my plan. The only solution I have found to it is -“divert your mind immediately and say to yourself ‘is this worth to lose your patience, will it matter after some time’?


  2. It’s definitely not an accident that I’m reading this, because I saw a quote like the one on your image earlier this week. The thing is that the body, even the mind is not designed to wait (except while sleeping).
    You’ll rarely find a person standing waiting for someone that’s not pacing or rocking back and forth, neither does the mind want to wait, it’s always racing with thoughts and ideas you can hardly catch up.
    So when you have to wait, it’s almost like going against nature, we become irritable and snap at the slightest provocation, it takes all the self will and deep breaths to stay calm while waiting.


  3. Great post, Phoenicia. I have never been a patient person, but I am learning. I have learned patience from my cats. Have you ever watched a cat wait for the right moment to bounce on or at something? And I have learned patience from my husband, a man much older than me, and not patient himself. But I have had to develop my patience in order to wait for him to do things. Life is a lifelong learning experience.


  4. Oh gosh, patience. I know that God does he best to teach me patience on a daily basis. I’m stubborn. If I’m teaching a person to do something, I have lots of patience. It’s the inanimate objects that wig me out and cause me to see red–pretty stupid since we really can’t change them. I’m a lot calmer now than I was as a teenager and that gives me hope that I’ll continue to mellow out.

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  5. Oh yes, I would definitely like to improve my patience! I do a self talk, while I am waiting, and that helps, but basically, I detest waiting. I know my attitude is not good for my blood pressure! Thanks, Phoenicia!


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