Would you describe yourself as ‘nice’?








When I think about the word ‘nice’ it conjures up the image of sugar and spice and all things nice.  Nice is kind. Nice is accepting. Nice is cosy and familiar.  I admit to overusing the word nice and I have had to caution myself not to rely on it when writing my blog. I have clearly failed on a number of occasions.

When people are described as nice, is it because they are facially attractive therefore you gravitate to them, is it because they did you a favour, spoke encouraging words over  your life or told you exactly what you wanted to hear? We tend to view people from different perspectives according to how they treat us. The fact that someone is spiteful or rude towards a waiter or shop assistant but in turn kind to you does not make them a nice person at all.   It means they choose to be courteous to those they feel they need to and not so to others.

We all have the ability to be pleasant but we do not always choose to and reasons for this will vary; anger, disappointment, resentment, jealousy, frustration, feeling unappreciated, feeling rejected and so on. Our emotions can often rule our thoughts and actions.  Speaking and acting in haste can mean we do exactly what we would not have done had we been thinking clearly.  I can think of many a time I have acted out on emotion and regretted it soon after. I do not feel very pleasant when I am raising my voice at my children to “get to bed” for the 5th time. This is followed by grumbling and my youngest saying something along the lines of “I like daddy and not you mummy!”

How we are seen by others matters of course but the way in which we view ourselves is even more valid.  When we treat people with respect and deliberately intend to give/bless others it impacts on the way we feel about ourselves.  When we learn to own our feelings and not lie to ourselves that another person is responsible for our actions, we can see our behaviour for what it is and somehow try to move on.

What does the word nice mean to you?
Would you describe yourself as nice?