Dealing with the twists and turns in life!








Life does not always pan out as one intended. We make plans, have dreams and sometimes they fizzle out or go a bit pear shaped. We only know what has been and what is happening right at this moment.  Imagine if we knew what was to come- what mayhem and terror that would cause! There would be nothing at all you could do to change “the script” – just sit back and wait.

A change in circumstances can turn our lives completely upside down in seconds; the passing away of a spouse, family member, failed exams, illness whether physically or mentally, breakdown of a relationship, abuse. There are many more examples I could give that would go on to alter the events of your life.  As a result your goals and dreams are likely to be placed on hold for a period of time. Some may be fortunate enough to return to what they would like to do whilst others see no way back and close the door on it.

As a teenager I had everything planned (in my head). Naively I assumed I would go on to do A levels which was the natural course for those who wanted to gain a degree. As it stands my GCSE results did not fall in line with my expected results (mocks). At that time I was struggling emotionally and was not in the frame of mind to study and focus. The evidence was clear when my results were revealed. Devastated does not even come close. In the early 1990’s I had no Internet to carry out research on career paths and there was little in the way of careers advice.

Eventually I applied to retake my GCSEs at college (I could not bear the thought of attending my school’s sixth form). I then went on to study for a GNVQ Advanced in Business and Finance which in a way has led me to my career today. In the mid 1990’s GNVQs were a fairly new course alternative and I remember receiving a few comments that they would never be as recognised as A levels.

Fast forward two years and I applied for a journalism course at a university in North London. I cannot recall the name as this was back in 1996/1997. I was excited and liked the area the university was set in; leafy suburban surroundings. My results from my GNVQ course meant the university was unable to offer me an unconditional place. Devastated again! To cut a long story short, I applied for universities via the clearing system and gained a place at West London University studying for a Media Technology degree.  I enjoyed my three years there but it was not the path I had expected to take.

We need a level of flexibility to cope with life. Of course there are some whose life does pan out exactly as they had expected, but there are many whose do not. There are often various pathways that lead to the same destination. It is our responsibility to find it.

Has your life panned out as you hoped?
How did you cope when dealing with changes of circumstances?
What advice would you give to others?