Leave regret at the door!

Regret can eat away at us and mean we are living in the past rather than moving forward.  The actions we take and in some cases do not take, does have an impact on our lives.  Living through the consequences leads us to self-blame and question our reasoning.

I believe there is not one person who does not look back on their life and wonder “if only I had”, “if only I went”, “if only I had said”.  I know I have and it opens the door to wallowing, reminiscing and basically feeling bad about ourselves. In hindsight we would all have taken different actions if we knew then what we know now.  Age and experience allows us to mature so it would be impossible for me to have had the same knowledge at 20 than I do in my 40’s. We are constantly learning, maturing, having to make decisions based on the knowledge and understanding we have right now.

With London prices at an all time high and many benefiting from rising equity , I have asked myself on a number of occasions “why oh why did I not buy after graduating 20 years ago?” Even buying with a friend or family member miles from my home town would have paid off.  It has stung and somehow I have had to get over it.

On a lighter note I cringe when I recall statements I made in the past due to feeling awkward, embarrassed and defensive.  I cannot go back and ‘unsay’ those statements so I have to move on and hope the person has too!

We cannot go back and change our past, however much we desire to.  We have to first accept our past, who we were, what we did and find a way to leave it there. Only then can we focus on living today and making decisions based on what we know now.

Do you have any regrets?
Do you see your regrets as a part of who you are?
Do you believe your choices, good and bad have made you who you are today?

11 thoughts on “Leave regret at the door!”

  1. Awesome Post Phonecia
    We cannot go back and change our past.
    Of course I have regrets. I see that regrets as part of who I am today and I believe that my choices, good or bad, my mistakes have made me who I am today.
    Till today I regret not buying a property earlier as an investment but you know what, you never know what the future holds.


  2. I definitely have had moments where I said the wrong thing because of my emotions. I agree that we all have have our “if only” memories. The good thing is that we learn lessons from that. We can make this adjustments going forward and work on living our best lives.


  3. Hi Phoenicia. Thanks for the thought-provoking post. Indeed,I believe that my choices, good and bad have made me who I am today. I consider each experience to be a life lesson. Sometimes those lessons are painful and have lifelong repercussions. Other times we just shake our head and move on.


  4. There’s a wonderful song by MercyMe called “Dear Younger Me,” that fits perfectly with your blog. If someone lives life without any regrets then maybe they aren’t really out there living a broad and bold life. I’ve sure got my share of things that I wish I’d done differently. Oh yep!


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