How do you manage change?









Change is inevitable, we can make changes or they can take place without our input. At times it feels as though very little change occurs in our lives and at other times we just cannot keep up!

Change can be challenging if you are a creature of comfort and familiarity.  You grow used to living your life in a particular way however boring or strange it may appear to others. It becomes your norm.  Years ago in my first full-time job after graduating, a colleague bought the same lunch daily and I mean daily. I wondered did he never grow tired of the same flavours as I would have done. In his case he did not feel the need to make his lunch more interesting by adding variety. I must admit there were far less coffee shops and trendy cafes plunked on every road in the early noughties but there were still a lot of options.

I have noticed that some people adapt to change with ease and others struggle greatly. Change can be as small as being relocated to a different floor at your place of work to adjusting from having one child to two. Each of these circumstances will matter to the person experiencing them.

Personally I would much prefer making decisions that lead to change rather than doing little and watching change happen to me. If we procrastinate too often we can miss the opportunity and the chance to contribute to our change.

I am working on being more flexible, giving room for life when it does not go as expected. The perfectionist in me has to be somewhat suppressed in the process! Being adaptable brings many benefits. It allows you to think rationally when situations arise rather than getting tied up with how you feel.  Running on emotions is not helpful but often the first thing one does.

How can you embrace change:
1. Accept that change is a part and parcel of life – it is going to happen whether you are ready or not.
2. Identify what you would like to be changed in your life
3. Make changes before they make you – it is  far easier to initiate changes and have an element of control
4. Look back at your life and the changes that have occurred over the years. I presume some were positive and others painful but you are still standing (or sitting) here today.

How do you react to change?
What impact does your reaction have?