Show some compassion!








Compassion is reaching out in love to someone, acknowledging their need, their pain and caring as if it were your own.  We all have the ability to show compassion but we can choose not to for a multitude of reasons. When we lose compassion for others it means we have travelled down a path of selfishness and self seeking. Of course our first concern will be us, we are only human and our needs will always be a priority. However, if you only ever focus on yourself, your wants, your needs, your pain and struggles there is no room to accommodate others.

Compassion is coming alongside others and caring about the pain they are enduring. Whilst you may not have the ability to know exactly how a person feels you can try. I once read an article where a writer stated it is impossible to empathise if you yourself have not been through a similar situation as another.  If one has lost a child they will have the ability to understand how another feels when they lose a child. The pain, the heartache, the loss, the anger and resentment.  Do you believe this to be true?

Love allows us to care and to reach out. It pushes us to go the extra mile even when we are tired, hungry and irritated. Showing compassion will take something from us; our time, our listening ear, our money, our skills. Just being there for someone when they need you is enough. You may not know what to say or what to do but simply ‘showing up’ sends a message that you care.

The world we live in today can be lonely for some. People ask how you are but do they truly want to know or are they hoping you say you are fine so they can smile and move on swiftly? We must be sincere in our caring.  If we ask how people are we must be prepared to actively listen to them when they respond and help in any way we can.

Often we allow our personal circumstances to consume us and we are blinded to what others are going through. We see them but not their pain, we hear them but do not quite capture what they are saying.

An old saying comes to mind:
“If not me then who?”
“If not you then who?”

How do you show compassion?
How has compassion been shown to you?

14 thoughts on “Show some compassion!”

  1. Compassion, like gratitude, can be a part of our approach to life, and the world around us. Just paying attention, acknowledging the suffering of others, and offering support where it is requested, takes so little time and effort, but enriches all of us!


  2. Phoenicia Oyeniyi I believe humans are capable of showing compassion, concern, appreciation and love others even when they themselves have yet to experience the same loss or adversity.
    Nice piece 🙂


  3. Great post, Phoenicia. If we had more compassion in our world, then we would have less hate and war. I try never to judge anyone by their appearance and give everyone the same level of courtesy. I’m moist fortunate to have a wonderful of friends who have shown me great love and compassion from the onset of my husband’s illness. I don’t know what I would have done without them.


  4. Phoenicia — years ago I was head of marketing and training at a NY bank. One day the CEO gathered his direct reports for a discussion about leadership. He asked us what is the most important trait of a leader. We all had our ideas, but they he responded, “compassion.” If we can’t have compassion for our fellow human beings, what kind of a person does that make us?


  5. Agree with you but unfortunately, some people take offense if you show compassion. So before being compassionate, you have to understand who you are dealing with. Needless to say, asylum seekers want compassion but the same doesn’t apply to other groups of people including your friends.


  6. I once thought I was empathetic when friends had lost a parent, but it wasn’t until mine passed that I realized how far I needed to go to show compassion. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself, but that’s how it felt. I very much agree with you that it isn’t about having the words, but it is about being present.


  7. Compassion needs to be at the forefront of our minds. I always make sure I go out of my way to show this daily. It’s quite fulfilling. We must not be self absorbed but be aware of the high needs of those around us at home, work and everywhere.

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