Has your wisdom grown with age?









Just when we believe we know enough, a situation occurs to remind us that we are still in learning mode. In order to have wisdom we must be willing to accept we do not know everything. We must be willing to learn from others and yes, this will mean eating humble pie now and again. It can be difficult admitting you do not know or understand a process or concept but you may miss an opportunity to learn if you stay silent. Some people are far easier to learn from whilst with others it can be a truly testing experience.

In my eyes making a mistake is not the biggest fail, falling to learn from the mistake is. If you do not do or say the wrong thing now and then you must live a very cautious life.  There have been times I strictly told myself first thing in the morning I will not do or say the wrong thing and this lasted all of 30 minutes. I did not even make it to work! My heart was willing but my flesh had other ideas. Wisdom was not applied here.

Wisdom is knowing yourself and putting strategies in place to help you deal with challenges. We can fool others but not ourselves. We should take time to gain self awareness, to be more in tune with others, to look beyond our own situation and into how others are feeling. Wisdom is having the right words to say in sensitive situations or perhaps not even speaking at all if the situation does not warrant it.

I enjoy listening to the more mature. Life and experiences have taught them. They have a less uptight outlook on life and tend to see life as less complex than the younger generations. I love the simplicity they bring to conversations. I wonder how they view life today as compared to when they were younger.  How do they get their head around technology, how fast life is moving today?

I hope I will leave myself open to learning and never feel I have ‘arrived’. No matter how intellectual, successful, people focused one is there is always room to learn more.  We are all on a journey, albeit on different pathways, and at different paces but none of us is above being taught something new.

What is wisdom to you?
Do you believe it grows with age?
Are you open to learning?

8 thoughts on “Has your wisdom grown with age?”

  1. What a lovely post, Phoenicia. You’re on the mark with all of it. My dad was learning days before he passed–such a lesson to learn. As for me, sure, I think I’m wise… But I also think I’ll know more 6 months from now than I do now!


  2. My late father put it very well: “the older you get the more you realize that most things in life are not important”. But then again he was wise. Not all people get wise with age. If they stop learning they don’t become wise. As far as I’m concerned the day I stop learning I’m dead”. It can be really frustrating though when you understand that the best you can do is stay silent.

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