How has 2018 been for you so far?


With less than five months to go until 2019, how has 2018 faired for you? At the start of 2018 you would have had plans and ideas – some have come to pass and others are still outstanding. At times we can underestimate just how long it will take to complete a project and therefore we set unrealistic timelines.  Setting the goal is rather easy, putting in the work not so much so.  We could also go to the extreme of setting very few goals in the hope that we achieve them but where is the challenge in that?

Life in general impacts greatly on our plans and we need to expect delays, challenges and distractions along the way.  Disappointments can be disheartening and make us question whether we are on the right path or putting our energy into a project that has little hope. Disappointments can throw us off track particularly when running to tight deadlines. It is therefore important to work with an element of flexibility.

The years really do seem to go fast. I am unsure if this is due to my age as when a teenager time moved far more slowly. The five years of secondary school (high school) seemed to last forever. I wondered on occasion if they would end.  Now, I constantly feel pushed for time and am forced to prioritise my load.  Either this or I just drift along waiting for life to happen to me which is not recommended at all.

I tend to reflect on what I learnt even if the outcome was not as expected. Once I have something to take away I know I have grown.  It can be a painful way to grow but taking something from a situation highlights it was not done/said in vain. It always helps to bring an element of consolation for me, believing almost all experiences having a learning element in them.

I have several long term goals, one of which has been lingering for some time. There is no pressure or actual deadline so I have the leeway to move the goal posts. This has had its advantages and disadvantages. It brought me time when I needed it but now I must  knuckle down before the year is out.  There is a time to stay still and a time to move forward and it is knowing which to do at each stage of our life that matters.

How has 2018 been for you so far?
Have you changed direction or put a goal on hold due to personal circumstances? What have you learnt?


20 thoughts on “How has 2018 been for you so far?”

  1. This year have so far enable me to reach my goals. I now have more than a BA in languages and humanistics. I also teach in schools and am doing more work at university. Teaching the young generation is very awarding and enables me to contribute to enabling immigrants to integrate in society and create a life worth having. If I can only save one youngster from the suburbs from becoming a criminal it would be fantastic.


  2. I so appreciate your honesty and voicing your reflections. My 2018 year has been a huge transition year. I got married last September (almost been a year 🎉) and I began my endeavors with starting my own Lifestyle Blog & Blogging Coaching + Consulting brand, Chica Confident. What a whirlwind. Lots of lessons learned, as you have learned as well. Community is so helpful, and being willing to express your struggles to help others is so invaluable. Really enjoyed this post of yours.


    1. You are welcome. I feel it is important to be open and truthful, this way people can relate to you. Community and support is invaluable as we cannot walk the road alone. You have had a busy year! I wish you all the best with your business and blog. Great business name!

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  3. Hi Phoenicia. It has been a year filled with ups and downs for me. My husband hasn’t;’t been well, so that has been a strain on us both. but my work and volunteer activities bring me much pleasure, so that has been a plus to balance things out.


    1. So sorry to hear of your husband’s ill health Doreen. I am pleased you find much joy in your work and hobbies. It certainly makes a difference when you enjoy what you do.


  4. Great topic Phoenicia! So far the year has been good to me. But there is one thing that’s been dogging me – I’m feeling another reinvention is on the way, a shift in course somehow. Not sure where it will take me but I’m ready. Wishing you all the best with your own goals, I have no doubt you can and will accomplish anything you really want to!


  5. Phoenicia, it’s hard to realize we’re 8 months through the year. So many plans and so much more to achieve. Well said, my friend, “There is a time to stay still and a time to move forward and it is knowing which to do at each stage of our life that matters.” Looking back is only a reflection; moving forward means everything.


  6. Coincidentally, I’ve spent the last few days reflecting on my goals for 2018 and realised I had some unrealistic ones which have now been scrapped. I’m happy to say that I achieved many goals this year and hoping for the same in 2019.


  7. What have I learned so far in 2018: to “never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.” And I guess the take-away is never give up on yourself. “You are beautifully and wonderfully made.”


  8. Good time to remind me to buck up. Like you I had made lots of plans for 2018 one of which was to take partial retirement and concentrate on promoting my Cookery classes. So now I work 3 days a week but haven’t done much for promoting my business as I am enjoying the time relaxing. I really must do something soon.


    1. You are definitely on the right road Mina. Cooking comes natural to you, I can tell by the way in which you write about food with such passion. Wonderful decision to reduce your working hours to pursue your hobby.


  9. Your post title made me stop and really think. The year is more than half over. Where I live, autumn will be here in five weeks. Wow. The year has gone fast. It’s been a terrible year in terms of bad political decisions made by national leaders that affect me and my friends and relatives. I have experienced true fear for the future for the first time in 30 years. But on the bright side, I have my health, I’ve maintained my mobility, I’ve made two long trips in the US, I’ve volunteered for important causes, and I’ve kept to my budget ( mostly). So overall, I’d say my year has been good.


    1. Thank you for sharing your year so far with us Dr Rin. You have been busy! There is a lot of unrest and uncertainty, not just in the UK. Your long trips sound interesting…..


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