Are you true to yourself?








IT is a wonderful feeling being confident in who you are and showing the world what you stand for.  It takes boldness to turn left when everyone is turning right but it is important that we do not feel pressured into hiding who we are. There are many elements that make up our character and we should embrace those which do not impact negatively on us or those around us.

If we are not careful we can allow ourselves to be heavily influenced by those around us. Taking on their opinions, lifestyle and beliefs. Our opinions, values and beliefs are just as important as those of others and vice versa. Once you are sure of your standing you have no need to impose these on others. As a teenager I was quiet and appeared to have little opinions. This could not be further from the truth; I held a lot of views and was and still am rather passionate about particular topics and causes. I did not feel the need to infringe these on others as there was no real benefit to this. Also I had this belief that people in my life at the time were not wholly interested in me or my views.

Sometimes coming into our own is accompanied by maturity. We have long surpassed the peer pressure stage and comfortable with who we are.  We are more likely to be confident in our roles at work, in the home and amongst friends and family. It can be liberating in so many ways. There tends to be less focus on how we are perceived by others and more on the plans we have for our lives.  A time to choose to put ourselves in the company of those who accept us rather than changing who we are to are to accommodate them.

In order to be ourselves we need to avoid making comparisons with others. We need to accept ourselves even when we are aware of the areas that require improvement.  We need to be confident in sharing our views if asked. We need to be willing to stand even if it means standing alone.

The saying “Be yourself because everyone else is taken” comes to mind.

Have you always been true to yourself or did you have to work on this over a number of years?
What advice would you give to someone struggling in this area?