How much pride are you secretly harbouring?









Whilst it is important to acknowledge our achievements, we can fall foul of having too much pride. Pride can cause us to hold back from asking for help when we need it, pride can influence our feelings of self-righteousness – only seeing the wrong in others and being in denial about our own wrong doing.  Pride can creep in when we are not paying attention to our growing need to be right whatever the cost. Pride creeps in when we give too much thought as to what others think about us.

After graduating, I continued working part-time as a cashier at a well-known UK supermarket whilst looking for full-time employment.  I requested for overtime hours to increase my monthly income. Some of my shifts were during the weekday and I recall feeling anxious about bumping into an acquaintance.  What if they assume this is my full-time job? What if they assume I did not enter further education? All these thoughts consumed me all those years ago.  Pride was rearing its ugly head.  I was definitely insecure at this stage in my life and tended to over think far too much.  I knew what the issue was but was not emotionally  equipped to deal with it.

If pride is not dealt with, it can soon become a big part of you.  I can assure you I have had to deal with pride a high number of times since then. I recognised pride for what it was – denial brings no benefits to us.

How can we deal with pride?

1. Maintain a level of humility. Scripture Proverbs 27 verse 2 states:
“Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.”

2. Refrain from judging others who differ in opinion and lifestyle. This is easier said than done but there is something powerful about accepting others despite their differences.

3. Look inwards and work on your insecurities as often pride derives from these.

4. Encourage and invest in others taking the focus of self.

How have you dealt with pride in your life?
What advice would you give to others?


12 thoughts on “How much pride are you secretly harbouring?”

  1. very accurate article Phoenicia! the best way to reply to your article is with two quotes from Greek philosopher Plato. Plato once said about pride : ” You should not honor men more than truth” and ” The cause of all sins lies in the person’s excessive love of self” !


  2. I do find myself judging others at times and I do tend to be insecure. I hadn’t really connected those flaws of mine with pride, but I think you’re right. The good thing is that if we realize what we’re doing and we realize it’s wrong, we can change.


    1. Once we recognise our behaviour, we are in the position to change it. It may not happen overnight but at least we are working towards it as oppose to making excuses.


  3. This is so “on point.” You really nailed this one. A lot of wisdom is here in a few words. Pride: I never saw the relation between pride and inordinate caring what others think, until I read this piece. Prideful, I am. I stand convicted, and have something new to consider to improve that situation. .thanks


    1. Thank you Marvin. Pride really is ugly but there is always a reason why a person is defensive and will not be told even if the truth is staring them in the face. When we start to care and stop judging others they will let their guard down.


  4. What a perfect topic for the crazy times we find ourselves in Phoenicia! I especially relate to your 2nd point. It seems as though everywhere we look there are people eager to judge and condemn others for simply being different. The level of cruelty we see online today hurts my heart.
    As far as my personal journey through pridefulness, after I left school I went through a rough patch because after years of being bullied I had NO self-esteem or pride so in an effort to find myself I went too far the other way and heaven help the person who happened to criticize me or point out a mistake! Thankfully, I was able to work through that but I think having experienced both extremes has helped me to find a healthy middle ground today. Thanks so much for your insights and inspiration!


    1. Thank you for your encouragement Marquita. When you have been on the receiving end of bad treatment you can then decide to not receive any form of feedback positively. I have also experienced this and I saw the impact on my life and those around me.


  5. What an excellent post, Phoenicia. I’d venture that any of us who deny being prideful might be deluding ourselves. It’s something I work out–right there in balance with my insecurities! Your entire paragraph about pride is spot on.

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