Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today






Yes, it is a well known saying. If we are truthful with ourselves there are a number of goals we would like to accomplish; some we have shared with others and some we have kept to ourselves. What stops us from working on those goals? Fear, being time poor, feeling incapable, lack of support from family and friends, lack of finances. There will always be reasons NOT to do a thing. Life is demanding and distractions exist in every corner. It is all too easy to believe you cannot achieve what you want due to the obstacles that lay ahead of you. These obstacles are real but are they enough reason not to move forward?

When I look back at my life I have had a number of goals; some I have achieved and others are still outstanding. Writing a book is one of my main goals and I am determined to accomplish this despite the fact that I stopped at 8,000 words several months ago. I met an old friend from university last week. We studied the same course almost two decades ago. He remembered my love for writing and suggested I write a book – he had no idea I am already on the journey. His words encouraged and challenged me.

Sacrifices will need to be made if you are planning to take on a new project/business or course of study. It may be a financial sacrifice or there may be a demand on your time. If you are serious then you will be willing to make the sacrifices knowing the long term pay off it will bring.  Change cannot take place if there is no flexibility or adaptability. Our desire for comfort and pleasure can mean we coast through life, partly feeling a level of satisfaction and at times feeling sheer discontentment. Do not be the person who wanted to drive but did not retake their test after failing, do not be the person who desired to bake but talked themselves out of joining a baking class. Do not be the person who is no longer challenged in their job but does not apply for other roles.

We alone are responsible for what we accomplish. We cannot continue to blame others even if they did play a part. I remember an old saying;.

“If the door closes, find another way in”

We need to be aggressive and passionate about our plans. Nobody wants us to accomplish our goals more than we do.  We need to hold ourselves accountable and perhaps be accountable to a person we trust. It is not a bad thing at all for a coach/friend to challenge us and ensure we are on the right track. I have had a career coach for a year and highly recommend it.

Are you of the mindset of doing what needs to be done or do you procrastinate?
What or who have been your influences?