Staying in your comfort zone brings no progress

Though it is called our comfort zone, is it really comfortable in the long run? Staying in our comfort zone means we will rarely progress, enhance or develop. It means our situation is unlikely to improve in the future. Choosing to push out today means you will reap the fruit of your works tomorrow.  It will not feel comfortable, in fact at times it will feel downright terrifying. However those who can visualise their future and are focused will put in what is required in order to reap the rewards. There is no “cheaters guide” or “quick fix” otherwise everyone and their uncle would have joined the bandwagon.

Those who stay in their comfort zone miss opportunities to use their skills and talents. They miss out on living a life of purpose.

The reasons for this may include:

1. Fear of failure- the thought of trying and failing is worse than not trying at all

2.  Lack of self belief – choosing to believe the lies that you cannot achieve

3. Lack of support from those around – little or no interest from friends and family, the very people you expect to care.

Where possible I have aimed to live outside of my comfort zone as I know it will bring great prospects. It has been challenging as I have signed up to participate in activities and projects where I have certainly felt out of my depth.  Naturally I am an introvert and was  shy as a child. By the time I had reached my late teens I saw no benefit to being shy at all and instead recognised the hindrance it brought. As the years went on I forced myself out of my shyness. I signed up for public speaking and joined a worship team.  The nerves are still present but not to the extent that I feel nauseous – just a few butterflies in my stomach which keep me on my toes.

What small steps can you take to move away from your comfort zone:

1. Step out and do something you have never done before – go to the cinema alone, eat out alone – you could start with sitting in a coffee shop (I have done both)

2. Write down your goals and vision and identify the hindrance – you may notice a pattern

To round up, we all have fears and challenges. Some step out despite their fears and others allow their fears to dictate what they do and do not do. Which category do you fall into?

What did it take to move you out of your comfort zone?
Perhaps you are still in your comfort zone and are quite happy here.
Either way I look forward to reading your comments.


22 thoughts on “Staying in your comfort zone brings no progress”

  1. I guess moving out of our comfort zone is essential. You can never expand, if you are stuck inside the same balloon. It is similar to a goldfish, it grows to comparison to its tank. A small tank, a small goldfish. Your comfort zone is your tank, move out of it, or never grow.


  2. I remember eating on my own and going to a movie by myself for the first time when I was 17 or 18. It felt so scary at the time and now I don’t think twice about it. Our world is as small or as big as we choose to make it. I like my comfort zone to be a continuously moving target. 🙂

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  3. I like when I get pushed out of my comfort zone. Here’s a simple example, but I recently flew Southwest Airlines. I’ve not been on one of their flights in over five years. They have a unique boarding method and I read about. But what fun it was to ask the others in line about how to board, and what about seats, and all that chat. If I’d been on United–my usual–I wouldn’t have talked to anyone.

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  4. Great topic Phoenica. Your suggestion about dining out alone is more powerful than many people might realize. Working in a job where I had to travel all over the world alone I am very comfortable doing things or going anywhere on my own, but I have friends who would never go out to eat or shopping if they had to do it alone. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

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  5. I know the biggest experience that I have about going out of my comfort zone is going to Hawaii when I was in college. Around that time, I was afraid of planes and never traveled on a plane before!
    I know for some people, it can be hard because you need to push yourself out of your zone, not for others. I know my reason is to push myself to be open to travel and enhance my life experiences. You can’t get all that if you stay in your comfort zone.

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  6. As a freelance;ance writer, I find I am often going outside my comfort zone and doing things I’d probably rather not do, but do in view of the fact that it is research for me. Like eating giant worms and grasshoppers in Peru! Not the best moments of my life, but I’m glad I took the challenge!

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    1. Wow – giant worms and grasshoppers. I am brave but not that brave. I imagine your line of work means you are often travelling and meeting people- not something many would feel comfortable with.

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  7. Agree with you. Personally don’t stay in my comfort zone but have moved all over the world to work in all kinds of inhospitable places and it has paid off. How many woman would travel on their own to Saudi Arabia? If I get scared I just do it anyway. All human beings are from time to time afraid of failing. People who say they never are just don’t have the guts to admit it.

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  8. This is so true, if you stay in your comfort zone, there will be no progress, it’s just the way it is. You have to continue to go outside your comfort zone to improve yourself.
    As for me, people always think am fearless whereas the opposite is the case. Am a very fearful and cautious person but realised very early that God has not given me the spirit of fear so I go ahead and do it anyway despite the fear! And the results are always fulfilling

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I too see you as rather fearless which is a good thing. Sometimes we do not see ourselves as others do. I agree that you should push out anyway and believe God to give you the grace and the strength.

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