Have you considered having a career coach?





Many employees and business owners are signing up to having career coaches, from junior level right up to CEO level. Coaches will more often than not be senior to the individual. They are not required to work in the same business area/department as the individual.

Career coaches assist with the following;

1. Give you an understanding of yourself
2. Assist with helping to identify the right role you will thrive in
3. Help you stay clear and focused on where to go next in your career
4. Provide an external perspective on you and your situation

I have had a career coach for just over a year. Initially I had my doubts; how much preparation would I be expected to do before each session, how long would I need to commit, what value would it truly add to my personal development? I have a heavy workload as well as line manage a team of officers and wondered how I would also accommodate this.

Fast forward a year and I am benefiting greatly from having a career coach.

I have covered;

1. Where I currently am and where I would like to be
2. Finding practical solutions to short term challenges
3. Identifying opportunities to progress in my current role and beyond 
4. Identifying my skill set

In my coaching sessions I find solutions to my challenges. My coach asks me a series of questions in order for me to explore further. More often than not the answer sat with me all along. I am learning about myself more and more. I take responsibility for my growth rather than resorting to laying the blame elsewhere. Without thinking, we can make excuses for our lack of progress and hide behind it.  The truth is nobody wants us to progress more than we do therefore we need to decide to follow the right steps in order to achieve the required outcome.

If you are considering taking on a career coach, reflect on what you hope to achieve. You should have key goals, objectives and a defined purpose.  You are responsible for ensuring regular coach sessions take place as this is your space, your learning, your development.  Always attend coaching sessions with a laptop and/or a notepad to take notes. Ideas will come to mind whilst you are in mid flow.

Do you have a coach?
What have you gained from the coaching sessions?
What advice would you give?



16 thoughts on “Have you considered having a career coach?”

  1. Phoenicia — great that you’ve had such success with a career coach. But it’s important to choose one that’s right for you. Unfortunately, years ago I retained a coach and it was the wrong fit and I stayed with her too long. I also think today’s career coaches are much better trained and have the credentials to help make a difference in your life.


  2. I can see a lot of value in having a career coach (and have several friends who are coaches in my circle of business friends). So often we are in overdrive mode–head down, getting the work done, paying the bills–that I think we forget to think about what we really want to focus on and where we’re going.

    It sounds like you have a good relationship with your coach and that you’re learning. That’s awesome!

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  3. One of the things I like best about the process of working with a career coach is that they essentially ensure that you have someone in your corner rooting for you. They can help you to build your level of optimism and most importantly, stronger self-awareness.

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  4. I’ve honestly never considered a career coach, but I think that’s because I was fortunate to have 2 very strong mentors early in my career. It sounds like it’s been a wonderful experience for you Phoenicia and I can definitely see the benefits!

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  5. People who don’t understand themselves and don’t know what they want to do definitely need a career coach. Have personally tried but been told that I don’t need a career coach because I am my own career coach.

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