What do you have a passion for?

Malcolm X, civil rights leader quoted;
“If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything”

We each ought to have a cause, a passion we feel strongly about, so much so that we could talk about this very subject for hours. We could teach on the subject or write on it.  Our hearts gravitate to different causes because of our make up, our personalities, our temperaments. Some are passionate about politics, others with developing countries, healthcare, education, the list can go on.

Our passions can, but are not always linked to our personal circumstances. I have read stories of couples who have lost their children to cancer or another disease and this then becomes their cause. They consume themselves with fighting for further research into the illness and raising money to support other families experiencing what they once did.  When we have faced challenges we are better equipped to assist others who are facing these same challenges.  Though this does not completely rule out us making a stand for a cause in which we have not personally suffered.  When you feel strongly about an issue, you can barely keep quiet as you want to speak out for change.  You want to contribute to making a positive shift.

20 odd years ago whilst at secondary school, I would regularly buy a portion of chips from a nearby shop.  I was in year 11 and able to leave the school grounds at lunchtime. On one occasion the server gave me a much smaller portion and I complained.  A few of my peers were in the shop and laughed at the fact that I made such a fuss about receiving a smaller portion but I was not phased. As a result the price of chips increased by £0.10/0.20p and apparently I was to blame. For the next few months I was known as ‘the girl’ who influenced the chip shop in increasing their prices.  As you can imagine this did not go down too well with my peers!

This revealed to me that though I was shy and an introvert, I had a passion just as others did. I was less vocal about declaring my passions but they were there deep rooted in my heart. I felt strongly about justice and people receiving fair treatment and faced with the opportunity, I spoke out.

My passions still remain and these days they exceed complaining for a larger portion of chips!

What are your passions?
What differences would you like to see in this world?
What are you physically doing to contribute to change?


14 thoughts on “What do you have a passion for?”

  1. When you’re right, you’re right. Good for you Phoenicia for standing up for what is right – at that age it would have been even more difficult because that is the age of peer acceptance. Proud to know you.


  2. I have a passion for life — maybe because I’m now in what’s called the “Golden Years.” I no longer say “yes” to every request. I want to fully embrace the things that I’m passionate about and get rid of the “must do’s” because someone says I have to. Very liberating.

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  3. What a sizeable proportion of people have a passion for we don’t want to know. If we could read the minds of people on the street we would be frightened at what they are passionate about. Revenge, becoming millionaires no matter how, crime included and so forth. Human beings are far from noble creatures which is the root of most problems we have in the world.

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  4. I would have been right there with you Phoenicia! The only time in my life I was fired was because I spoke up about the unfair and biased treatment of a fellow employee. The general manager actually agreed with me and said (behind closed doors) “There’s no question her supervisor is a jerk, but I can control him, obviously, I can’t control YOU so you have to go.” I’m not sure one can ever really feel proud about being fired, but at least I felt I’d been true to my values, just like you were with your chips.

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