The art of giving

Last week I discussed consumerism and our need to constantly buy, to have and often in multiples too.  This week, I am gravitating towards the art of giving. Giving in the sense of our time, our assistance and our money in order to enhance or bless the lives of others.

The saying; “it is better to give than receive” rings true to me. As much as I like to receive, I also feel great pleasure in giving to others especially when in the form of a gift. I admit since having children, I have greatly reduced gift buying at Christmas for adults.

Anne Frank quoted:
“No-one has ever become poor by giving.”

We should not view giving as something being taken away from us but as something we are freely giving. When we give it makes us feel better as people and despite the challenges we face, it does us good to take the focus off of us and place it on another.  One way or another we will always be dealing with our own issues so there is no perfect time in which to bless others. We can use excuses as to why we do not have the time or the finances but we prioritise what is important to us. When a thought comes into your mind about giving, entertain it rather than talk yourself out of it.  Be willing to commit and hold yourself accountable too. No-one else may know of your intentions but you do.

Giving is highly underrated in today’s society where the focus leans towards obtaining as much as you possibly can.  Where is the joy in that?

What are your views on giving?
What are your experiences of giving and what impact has it had on your life?


20 thoughts on “The art of giving”

  1. When I give I always feel an overwhelming joy. I can’t understand how we’re supposed to accumulate in the form of buying. I’m currently giving away items I no longer need since there’s no point holding on to things I no longer need. There’s always someone out there that needs.

    Kind words are also my way of giving and Anne Frank is right.


  2. My love is not a gift giver because he balks at tradition, but I think it’s mostly because he’s balking at the effort needed to pick out thoughtful gifts. I enjoy giving gifts, but have cut back in recent years, and my family has done a Christmas drawing for years to lessen the insanity of trying to get a gift for every last person. What is my love getting for Christmas this year? I’m helping him paint his kitchen. We should be generous with giving our time as much as possible with still keeping our own well-being in mind.


  3. I will say one thing, as I got older I began to love the carol “Good King Wenceslas”, Particularly the ending:
    Therefore, Christian men, be sure, wealth or rank possessing,
    Ye who now will bless the poor, shall yourselves find blessing


  4. Judging from the huge mounds of presents that have traditionally surrounded the Christmas trees in our family I’d say most of our clan have the gift-giving thing down pat. Personally, I especially enjoy giving to those who don’t expect it – last year I created small pretty holiday gift bags with travel size lotions, shampoo, lipstick, fragrance, etc., and dropped them off at our local women’s shelter. It’s an especially dreary time of year to end up in a shelter and it’s amazing how small gestures like this can lift someone’s spirit just when they need it most. Lovely message Phoenicia, thanks!


    1. There is a saying about giving to those who cannot repay us, cannot remember it word for but it is beautiful.

      What a thoughtful gesture – I am sure the toiletries were very much welcomed.


  5. I love Christmas for the excuse of giving–not that I don’t do it at other times of the year. And not to sound like I’m a great giver. But I support just what you are saying. How little does it cost us to give a smile, a hug, some support? If I do without XX so that I can donate something to the homeless, our veterans, ALS … whomever, how much more good does that add to the world than me getting a new something? Lovely post, Phoenicia.


  6. Giving surely helps me to feel better about myself. I am the one who has gradually realised that I am more comfortable in giving than receiving gifts. Thanks Phoenicia for reminding me once again about the art of giving in this festive season 🙂


  7. Phoenicia — it truly makes me feel good when I give. Giving doesn’t need to be something tangible. It can be giving of yourself to a charitable cause, being a sounding board and offering a shoulder to lean on when a friend or family member is in need. It costs nothing to be there for someone.


  8. Agree with you about giving. Christmas presents on the other hand are ludicrous unless it’s for children. Why should we give family and friends presents just because it’s Christmas? We have to save the receipts in case they want to change their presents. A gift out of the blue though is a much better, and appreciated, idea.


  9. It’s funny I should read your post today. My husband & I have very different opinions on the act of giving. I give for the sake of giving. No strings attached. He gives with the opinion that he must approve of what is done with the gift. It causes some rather interesting discussions!

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