Add a little routine to your life!

Routine can be boring, extremely boring but without it, many of us would struggle to stay on top of our load. I only manage due to sticking to a tight routine and even then, some days I feel I am barely keeping afloat.

I think back to my teens and twenties when life was so carefree, sure I had some responsibilities but not like I do now.  Now almost every minute of my time is on demand and from various people. The only time which is truly mine is first thing in the morning when I pray and exercise, my commute when I catch up with administration/network and late at night when the children are fast asleep.

Routine becomes tedious, monotonous and so familiar. There are days when I resent routine and days when I fully appreciate the order it brings to not only my life but my family’s also. Routine the night before rules out panic in the morning when time appears to move incredibly fast. Routine means you have identified what works for you and stick with it.

Just a few of my routines;

Packing my daughter’s packed lunch the night before and placing in her school bag in the morning

Laying out mine and my children’s clothes the night before school/work and church, bags and shoes are placed near the front door

Draft my blog posts on Tuesday
Source pictures on Friday/Saturday
Spell and grammar check draft on Saturday
Post blog on Sunday

The number of times I have asked myself would it really matter if I skipped blogging on some Sundays. Of course it would not to the majority of people who have a wealth of blogs to choose from. It would however have a major impact on me and my progression.  We can deceive ourselves into thinking what we do or do not do is minor when in fact it holds major implications. Every small step contributes to a bigger picture.

Two tips to embrace routine;

Remind yourself just how much routine brings balance and ease to your life

When carrying out routine tasks, listen to music or the radio to put a spring in your step

Do you get bored with routine?
How does routine benefit you?


14 thoughts on “Add a little routine to your life!”

  1. Hi Phoenicia. Without routine there would be no structure in our lives. Routine saves time and gives us a sense of direction. I can’t imagine waking up in the morning without a to do list, a planner or realising I haven’t prepared my lunch the night before. It’s what drives me.

    Routine prevents chaos. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I know I am more successful when I have a routine. It gives me structure and discipline Without it, I think sometimes I am involved in chaos. I do enjoy variety, but even then, I have it scheduled, so I guess it is still a “routine.”


  3. A routine of course comes with a lot of benefits for me. I realise what sticking to routine does for me only when I am not following it. Having a routing means I have my daily prayers, meals, work out and even relaxation on time. Although I enjoy taking a break form routine sometimes, but feel secretly relieved when I am back in my comfortable time zone.


  4. There are definitely benefits to creating routines around certain activities. My morning schedule certainly qualifies as routine – coffee over the morning news, check/respond to email and take the dog for a long walk. Even if I wanted to shake up that routine Lucy (the dog) wouldn’t let me since she has an internal timer that sends her to the door not-so-patiently waiting for me every single morning at the same time rain or shine … and I love her for it. 🙂 Thanks for the enjoyable read Phoenicia!


  5. Good one, Phoenicia. I have a blog about living a rut-less life, so I sure feel what you’re saying here. Like you, I have my routines and habits that I cling to–I have to have a writing schedule & an exercise routine. It’s critical or I will slack off. But at the same time, I get so BORED when things are the same. I have to shake things up.

    Right now, I brought all my fairy lights in from the gazebo and decorated the living room with them. Winter brings me inside, but I can still enjoy the colors, right?


  6. Hi Phoenicia. If you receive a duplicate comment from me, please delete this one, as I posted last evening via my iPad and I guess it did not go through. I was saying that I agree that we need to have some routine in the things we do. Otherwise, we waste too much planning and trying to figure things out on the fly as opposed to in a well-thought-out manner.


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