Enjoy the moment – you will not get it back!


Last Tuesday my train was cancelled which meant a 30 minute delay.  I was understandably annoyed. It was cold and I was now late for work. Thank you South Eastern trains – you never fail to cancel trains at random in the winter months! Anyway, I suddenly felt down and disheartened and this was at 8.10am, I still had to get through the rest of the day with a good spirit. After grumbling in my head whilst wearing a face like a wet weekend, I retrieved my mobile phone and began to read my online bible. I will not have you believe I was instantly uplifted but I certainly felt better in myself after ten minutes or so.

Regardless of minor mishaps and delays, we should enjoy the moment and look at the positive side of life. We can choose not to but this will do absolutely nothing to change the situation. Whether miserable or cheerful I had to stand on that platform and wait for the next available train. As a child I did not fully  understand the saying “there is no use crying over spilt milk”. I did not care much about the saying. If I felt upset,  surely I had the right to express this until I felt a little better.

Worrying about our future and events we have no control over can hinder us enjoying today. We can tell ourselves that once we have X, Y and Z then we can be happy and then we can enjoy life.  We can all fall foul of waiting impatiently for the next stage in life to come believing it will be so much better than the last; a couple with young children willing for their children to become teenagers and less dependant on them, an employee miserable in their current job assuming they will be doing cartwheels in a new job, a young person tired of being told what to do and craving adulthood. Choose to enjoy the here and now as life does not quite pan out the way we expect it to.  I refrained from using the word “never” as there may well be some of you who have ticked off every box on your list of life goals.

Five ways you can work towards enjoying each moment;

1. Try not to take yourself so seriously – learn to laugh at yourself.

2. Stop seeking perfection as it will never come. By all means put back up plans in place wherever possible.

3. Work with an element of flexibility

4. Each morning write five reasons to be thankful

5. Once a week, factor in an activity you enjoy doing

How do you enjoy the moment with the daily  challenges of life?

What advice would you give to someone who finds it difficult to see the positive in life?