Five tips to stay focused!

I was thinking the other day how easy it is for one to be distracted. So many people, activities, tasks, businesses are vying for our attention (and our hard earned money!) If like me you exist on various platforms of social media, you need a level of discipline in order to maintain balance in your life. I use social media to network with family, friends and acquaintances as well as promote my blog. I frequent on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. I am joined to twitter and Periscope but for some reason they did not “work” for me. Perhaps I needed to increase my “fanbase” first – who knows.

Anyway back to the point, I try to minimise the amount of time I spend generally surfing the internet.  If I do not caution myself, I can lose an hour or two just looking at photographs on Instagram. As great as some of them are, it is not a good use of my time. Rather unproductive and does nothing to enhance my blog or other projects I am working on.

It is good to remind ourselves of the importance of keeping our eye on the prize; remembering what we are aiming for and working towards it.  This will mean sacrificing your time and perhaps your money. Only you know the goals you are working towards and only you are responsible for ensuring you meet them.

There will always be distractions and we need to acknowledge them for what they are, choose to say no and place our focus where it needs to be. Taking time out to reflect and plan ahead is essential yet how many of us can put our hands up and confirm we do this?  I read that Bill Gates, co founder of Microsoft Corporation travels for at least one week every year to a remote location in order to plan.  His time out is clearly paying off (and then some!)

My five tips below will better equip you to remaining focused;

1. Refrain from logging onto social media the minute you wake up – easy trap to fall into. Instead pray or speak affirmations over your life and then do some light exercise.

2. Assign 15 minute time slots during the day in which to log onto social media.

3. Do not allow others to monopolise or plan your time whether they be family or friends.

4. Plan your time around work/running your business. Be productive and honour it.

5. Write a daily “to do” list noting the most basic of tasks to the more complex tasks. Any tasks you do not complete that day, simply carry over to the following day.

I hope my five tips will help to steer you in the right direction.

Perhaps you can share your experience of not yielding to the many distractions in life;

What worked for you?
In which area did you/do you struggle in?


14 thoughts on “Five tips to stay focused!”

  1. Helpful tips! What has started to work for me not allowing others to monopolise or plan my time. I only recently started this. My next step is to start reviewing those Social media platforms that don’t work for me. Discipline is the key. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Excellent tips Phoenicia. Being online during the day is part of my work since I do so much research, but as far as social media or email, for the most part, I limit myself to checking them twice a day. Once in the morning (after breakfast and a walk with my dog) and then at the end of the workday when I also read the day’s news. Otherwise, part of my ritual to maintain focus includes working in silence. That would probably drive some people crazy, but it works very well for me. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I can’t even imagine rolling out of bed and caring about social media first thing! Maybe I’m doing one of your five right. Before going to sleep, I make sure that the internet and email are turned off on my computer and that the current writing project is open. I launch myself to the coffee pot, the desk and then write. Heck, if I could have the coffee pot by the desk…
    Good tips. I am also working through what social media is actually a good one for me. It’s important to keep some going for sharing the BHB posts, so I have to consider that before I trim down anymore.


  4. Phoenicia — It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing the easy things we like, such as checking our Facebook timeline multiple times a day. It requires discipline to focus on the things that will make out life more rewarding and our business grow. I restrict myself to visiting Facebook once a day for about 15 minutes in the evening. It’s a constant struggle to stay focused, no doubt.


  5. Great tips, Phoenicia. My husband has dementia, and I can really see how he has lost his focus. He starts one thing and within minutes is onto something else. That is such a change from the way he was before, when he would not let go of an idea or project before it was done. Unfortunately, sometimes our behaviour is beyond our control.


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