Get some order in your life!

The majority of people I meet all seem to have one thing in common – there are simply not enough hours in the day.  We can underestimate just how much responsibility we have on a day to day basis; running a home, working, running your own business, raising children, being a carer, church ministry, voluntary work, administration and so on. In all of this you really can lose yourself and feel utterly exhausted too.

I have woken on many a Saturday mornings and felt completely overwhelmed with the number of tasks I have to do. Generally I use my Saturday mornings to clean and bulk cook. If my Saturday is full on, I will clean on a Friday night and bulk cook on a Sunday.  Working full-time with a long commute means I have little time to do more than a quick tidy up each evening. The same goes for my husband who regularly falls asleep holding his work laptop in the late evening. He knows he is tired but is over optimistic about logging on to finish up on a few tasks!

One could suggest you cut down on the number of activities you do which will work for some and not so much for others. Those who cannot “drop” any area of responsibility may feel trapped, lose hope and accept they will be run ragged for years to come. 

My suggestions for keeping everything in order are;

1. Hire a cleaner
2. Hire someone to iron your clothes
3. Hire a gardener

I am totally serious! Whatever you can offload to save you time – do it! I have considered it and when childcare commitments are no more (cannot bear to calculate the years we have left), I will be onto it without hesitation. I have spoken to several friends who outsource household tasks and they cannot recommend it enough.

If the above is not feasible, there is no need to lose hope. I have listed nine tips;

1. Identify a day/time in which to thoroughly clean your home
2. Identify a day/time to iron
3. Bulk cook your meat and fish for the week and place into separate containers.  Prepare rice/pasta salad/vegetables on the day
4.Tidy up as you go along – never ever leave mess to mount up
5. Have a place for every single item in your home
6. Do at least one load of washing a day
7. Declutter every month
8. Read letters and invitations as they arrive then;
A. File
B. Take photograph and bin
C. Note in your diary and bin
9. Ensure you note all appointments in your phone/diary and your spouse or partner has the exact same information

(This list is in no way exhaustive)

How do you maintain order in your home and work life?
What are your views on outsourcing tasks?



10 thoughts on “Get some order in your life!”

  1. I know for me, order is something I have to work at. And it is work, like many things in life, you have to work at it to achieve it. It will not come to you easy. However, as we used to say in the military “Take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.”


  2. Hi Marty. I am very much in favour of outsourcing. I have someone help me with the tech stuff that I need to keep my website running. We hire someone to do many tasks around the home and yard. My husband is King of Clutter, so you can imagine the time I have trying to keep control of the clutter!


  3. Tidying up isn’t too much of an ordeal since I live alone, but I do hire someone to mow the lawn. I REALLY loathe mowing the lawn, so even though I’m on a tight budget, it’s worth it to me to save that time and not have the thought of doing the chore bog me down.


  4. Hum. I think your ideas are awesome, but as a happy-to-be-single person, I don’t have to worry about such things because I clean as I go and there’s no one that comes along after me moving things around. Well, there’s my dog of course but she’s allowed. Great tips for families though and I’m happy to share! 🙂

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  5. My things are in order and always have been. Sometimes when I’m too busy though I don’t have time to clean as often as I should since I moved back to Sweden. Hiring a cleaner is too expensive here. When I lived abroad for 22 years I always had a cleaner which was great.


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