Wait joyfully or miserably- it is your choice!

Nobody likes to wait, not really. I certainly do not! Everything moves quickly these days and is available at our request. People send emails and expect a response within minutes, people shop online as it is faster (and more convenient).  When food shopping with my husband we stand in two separate queues to identify who is likely to be served first. One of us then gravitates towards that queue.  I do not enjoy food shopping at the best of times so try where possible to go first thing in the morning or in the evening when it is so empty you could do cartwheels down the aisles!

Waiting for ten minutes or an hour just cannot be compared with waiting for days, months or even years. We all have wants and needs that cannot be met in a short space of time perhaps because of circumstances or timing. We can allow this to consume our lives and fail to see the areas in our lives we should be thankful for.  It is interesting that we tend to focus on what we do not have and completely overlook what we do have. 

Choosing to be miserable whilst waiting will suck the joy out of your life.  You will struggle to be happy for others when they have good news, you are likely to isolate yourself from family and friends and you will not feel good about yourself.  My view point is you may as well wait with joy because either way you will be waiting.  You cannot claim back the time you have wasted being miserable and it is unfair to the people who have to be in your company.

I recall allowing my circumstances to dictate my mood. When I desired a thing, it consumed me. I questioned why I was unable to receive it now as oppose to waiting. I actually questioned whether I deserved to have it – that perhaps I was punching well above my weight.  It was a self destructive way of living and was slowly destroying me. I cannot recall the point at which I decided to be thankful for the many blessings in my life. Of course, I still have my moments from time to time but am quickly brought back to reality.

Have you mastered the art of waiting patiently?  Is this a learned behaviour?
What advice would you give to others who struggle to maintain good character whilst waiting?