Do “it” with boldness!

I have no idea who the man is in the photograph above. What I do know is he is walking with an air of confidence and boldness. His bright orange trousers suggests he has enough confidence to carry them off. I can imagine him walking into a room and completly owning it.

As part of the praise and worship team in my church, I recall a training session I attended some years ago. The voice coach, a wonderful woman with years of singing experience, advised us to sing out in boldness especially when we are leading a song.  She also added it is not the end of the world if you start on a wrong note if you do it boldly. I distinctively remember thinking if I made an error I would prefer it to be done discretely – clearly too conscious of how I looked to others.

I have watched many a music rehearsals, some online with secular singers and others in person with worship leaders. I have noticed when they start on the wrong note, they accept this and simply ask the musicians to start from the top with great confidence. No shame, no blame, no embarrassment.

Whatever we do in life whether in our careers, hobbies or church ministry; we should do it with boldness. Nobody gets it right all of the time but when we step out in boldness, we assure others they can trust and rely on us. If we appear unsure of ourselves, others will be unsure of us. If we openly doubt ourselves, others will doubt us.

Whilst we may not feel bold at particular times in our lives, we should aim to act bold. Nobody will know about the nerves and anxiety you have before giving a speech/presentation – not unless you plan on telling them and why would you?

I have found, the more you act bold, the more you will feel bold. If you are approached to take up a project, give a talk, though you may have fears this should not hold you back. If you are not keen on interviews, apply for several jobs of interest in order to enhance your interviewing skills.  If at the very least you are not appointed to the role, you now have a little more interviewing experience than before. Do not underestimate the lasting impression of a firm, genuine handshake. Let people know they have met with you.

A few tips to stepping out in boldness:

1. Say yes and learn how to later
2. Practice your skill at home
3. Remind yourself you are not and never will be perfect
4. Learn to laugh at yourself

Are you bold?
Was it self taught or have you always had this trait?
What advice would you give to others who struggle to act with boldness?

16 thoughts on “Do “it” with boldness!”

  1. Love this post. Many years ago, just after Bill Clinton was elected President, I heard a speaker talk about self-confidence and being bold even when you don’t have all the answers. I’ll never forget her saying “When Bill Clinton first sat down at his desk in the Oval office, he probably said to himself: ‘S–t, what do I do now?!” We’re never fully prepared for anything in life, so go for it with boldness!


    1. Thanks Jeannette. I believe most people learn as they go along. If you are in a new role you cannot possibly know the answers to everything. Being willing and quick to learn puts you in good stead.


  2. I grew up in an atmosphere that was far from bold but I have been fortunate through the years to have some wonderful mentors who encouraged me to be bold and that truly changed my life. I especially like your first tip – say yes and learn how to later. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!


  3. To dare to be bold is something that’s part of your mindset. I have always been like that because of my upbringing but people can develop boldness later in life. One way is to look at what’s the worst thing that can happen if you fail. Usually it’s not a big deal.


  4. I think it’s necessary to accept our mistakes first and the drawbacks that we have. Acceptance too gives a lot of inner strength to cope with the external factors. But yes, we should not do it openly all the time as very few understand this quality.


  5. I love the various colored trousers European men wear. American men, mostly, are much more subdued. Like you, I’ve taken a spy shot like this and also marveled at their confidence.

    I recently proofread an e-book for a friend and kept pulling qualifying words from it, like “just” and “only.” She was the expert and those of us reading it won’t think she was the expert if she kept demeaning her knowledge.
    And yes, many of us need to practice being confident!


  6. HI Phoenicia,
    As always, your blog post focuses on an important topic for our daily lives. Like the man in the orange pants in your blog photo, we are encouraged to act boldly!

    I remember a performance by Adele, not long ago, broadcast on live tv, where she started a song on the wrong pitch, completely out of sync with her orchestra. She stopped, apologized to everyone, and asked the orchestra to start again. This time she got it right. I was very impressed by that. Knowing how shy she is and how she suffers from stage fright, I was amazed that she could continue. But she did!

    When I began teaching at college, in 1976, I was terrified. I had no idea what I was doing. But gradually I learned what assignments and class activities were effective, and which were not. I discarded the ineffective ones and kept on trying. After 10 years of teaching, I could walk into any roomful of people, of any age, and present a lesson well. I had to “fake it till I made it”.

    When I was a child, there was an inspiring song–I think it’s from the musical score of a Broadway show–that had this lyric: “Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect and whistle a happy tune so no one will suspect I’m afraid…. “. And it goes on from there. I still love the song.

    Dr Rin


    1. Ths5nks for your encouragement Dr Rin. When I write, I am speaking to myself also. I need to develop my boldness but I am certainly on my way.

      Interesting to know Adele is shy. I never would have guessed that!

      Thank you for sharing the challenges you faced. I like the fact that you did not allow your fears to defeat you. Instead you pushed forward.

      I am going to google that song as I would like to listen to it.


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