Do you what you need to do, to be where you need to be!

Deep down we know what it is we need to do – be honest! The problem is we do not always want to do it. We want to do what is comfortable, what is easy, what is familiar.  Staying in our comfort zone (we all have one) means we very rarely move up to where we need to be – instead we coast along.  We are not entirely happy in our comfort zone but it is rather cosy. It is here that we convince ourselves we are fine as we are.

Take exercise or healthy eating (I refuse to mention “dieting” as long term we all know it is unsustainable). At first it is difficult to change your eating habits and adding exercise to your already busy life.  I came to a point where I accepted I am no more a 30 something and if I wanted to look and feel good, I would need to put the effort in. Well, that was a shock to my system. As a teen and in my early twenties I was as lean as anything and could eat whatever I liked without it impacting on my weight.

I knew if I wanted to see a change I had to make a change. There are no shortcuts as if there were, believe me I would have taken them. It actually feels liberating making conscious decisions in your life which you know will go on to benefit you and in some cases others.  Putting in the work whether physically, mentally or emotionally does not feel so great in the moment but the long term results far outweigh the temporary feeling of dread.

What do you need or want to do?
Pass your driving test
Study to work in a particular field
Take up a hobby
Work on your confidence, self-worth
Adopt a healthier lifestyle

There is no reason why you cannot get the ball rolling today. Look online, make a telephone call, speak to a friend or colleague.

You are responsible for your own progress and development.  You can choose to do little or you can choose to do much.  However slow your pace, ensure you continue to move forward.

Have you recently stepped out into something new and challenging? What pushed you?
What advice would you give to encourage someone else to do so?