What is your motivator for reaching your goal?

In order for us to reach our goal and move forward in life, we need to have a reason or if you like, a cause. Our reasons and cause will ensure we hang on in there long after we are tired, bored or feel out of our depth.

My cause is wanting to make a difference in the lives of others-to make my mark. I have a passion to leave a legacy for my generations to come; both financially and spiritually.  What I do each day is not just for the benefit of me or my immediate family. I regularly remind myself there is a bigger picture and what I put in today will enhance tomorrow.

The well known saying “keeping your eye on the prize” rings true. We must remain focused on what we hope to achieve, the end result and NOT what we feel right now. Our mood can change from one day to the next depending on what is happening around us so is hardly a reliable source.

Our goals should be broken down into small chunks enabling us to remain encouraged when we have met part of them.  We can even go as far as rewarding ourselves along the way – food does not need to be involved, a new book, nail varnish or top is just as nice.

Of course there will be challenges along the way, obstacles which may or may not deter you from continuing on your journey.  It is entirely your choice. One must not make the mistake of believing facing challenges means you are on the wrong road. Life is never this black and white.  Explore your options if you must but do not give in.

The questions we should ask ourselves is;

How much do I want this?

Am I willing to take full responsibility in order to reach my goal?

What am I willing to sacrifice?

How much time and money am I willing/able to put into reaching my goal?


20 thoughts on “What is your motivator for reaching your goal?”

  1. My motivator for reaching my goal is achieved by staying focused, keep going even when life is challenging and seeking advice if needed. Our goals cannot be achieved without support.

    Taking time out for ourselves with reflection is also a huge motivator.

    My question is – How much time and money am I willing/able to put into reaching my goal?


  2. You do need a goal, and a plan. Another thing is desire to reach it. I train people who want to be pro wrestlers, they certainly have a want for it. An hour in the ring, being slammed, and running back and forth between the ropes, most loose the desire to accomplish what needs to be done to accomplish that want.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Sure thing to having to break goals down into small chunks and then managing them. I’m good at getting overwhelmed by the big picture I’m working toward. I can only contain that by stepping back and breaking the goals into milestone chunks.

    I like that you wrote about knowing what you are doing ends up impacting the bigger picture. So true.


  4. One of the biggest motivators for me is having people tell me I can’t do something. Nothing spurs me on more than the need to prove them wrong because I don’t like it when people limit me to what I can do!


  5. The goal: keep your eye on the prize. Good post that resonates with my own blog: Miles of the Journey. I believe it was Stephen Covey who wrote that “the main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.” That’s quite often hard to do as I have experienced going through several long training periods for the Ironman triathlon. But, I have found that in pursuing my goal that often the lessons learned on that journey are as meaningful as the goal itself.


  6. Sometimes we can get disheartened by continuous obstacles coming in our path. Even if we know that difficulties are bound to come in our way, yet we get impatient and helpless.
    These times get crucial- 99% chance is there that we opt to quit , rest 1% is about still having some belief in our hopes & strength and keep going.


  7. I love the slogan you had as your image at the start of the post:
    “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” I’m going to use that for myself! You are so right – we need to have plans that directly lead to our goals or the goals will not happen. And ever since I began teaching, I kept telling myself each day: “Choose small, attainable goals.” Rome wasn’t built in a day!


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