What are your quirks?

What are your quirks?

Come on, we all have them – you know the little something about us that makes us slightly different from the next person. Our quirks are who we are- we are allowed to be different and should avoid morphing into who we think people expect us to be.  There are parts of our character that we do not allow others to see for fear of coming across as an oddball. There are insecurities we have that can make us react in ways that appear odd to others.

Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny Kravitz and the beautiful Lisa Bonet) quoted;

“Hollywood is like a really sad version of high school where people get labelled as cool, not cool, jock, bombshell, quirky….. it’s like a caste system.  You’re either in on you’re out.”

I recently watched a TV show with Zoe Kravitz and she played a quirky role and I must say she was so good at it, I am absolutely  convinced she is quirky and cool when off screen.

I have a number of quirks and I accept them. As a teen I was labelled as odd by my peers and even a few friends or should I say “frenemies?” Perhaps they thought they were helping me out by telling me what I already knew I was like!

Just a few of my quirks;

1. If out and about I do not like bumping into acquaintances more than once. The first time you say hello and exchange pleasantries. What on earth do you say on seeing them for the second time whilst walking round a store? Throw me a lifeline please!

2. I do not like people invading my space and will deliberately leave a gap when standing in queues, on the bus or train. Boundaries people!

3.  I over think a lot and make huge assumptions. I think I know what a person is going to say, prepare for it and am completely off track. I really need to train my mind from working overtime.

4. I race up the stairs when home alone.  The child in me, I guess.

5.  I dance when in the kitchen as though I am on a stage.

6. When getting into the lift at work, I pray the door closes quickly so no-one joins me. I do not want to share that confined space!

7. When I want to tease my daughter, usually after she has been sulking I begin to dance and she really cannot stand it. I then go on to say I will attend her school disco and dance with her friends. She looks absolutely mortified!

So those are just a few of my quirks, the ones I am comfortable with sharing at present.

What quirks do you have?
Do you embrace them?
What do others say about you?