8 tips to minimise clutter in your home!

Look around your home, do you have the essentials plus a few other pretty household items or do you have countless items, some of which you do not even need?

Is your wardrobe carefully organised by garment/colour or is it bursting at the seams with clothes a) you have not worn in over a year, b) which still have the store tags on?

Does your hallway have a clear pathway leading to your front door or are there piles of shoes, coats and other items blocking the walkway?

Whilst not wanting to advocate living in a bare, souless home with no personal touches, de-cluttering can bring many benefits for the whole family.  The more items you own, the harder it is to keep your house tidy. Items create clutter, clutter creates dust and who really wants to spend the weekends tidying up? Nobody, as it is relentless, not to mention tedious.

Let me tell you, once children are thrown into the mix, you appear to accumulate toys, large and small. I can cope with the large toys, even electronic devices but the small toys that find their way under (your feet) the sofa and in nooks and crannies is a whole other story!

My daughter is such a creative child.  She designs theatre settings, clothes, anything you can think of using paper and other materials.  When she has completed her masterpieces, the lounge resembles an art class.  We now have a 'rule' that her work must remain in her room and (when I remember) we take photographs because she cannot keep them all.

Some tips to reduce clutter in your home;

1. As letters arrive, open them and either file or take action.

2. When you receive letters, invitations and information, take a photograph using your mobile phone and discard of the hard copy. 

3. Keep entrances to rooms clear, it makes rooms appear less chaotic and reduces the risk of accidents.

4. Unless your hallway is wide, try and keep it clear. Buy a shoe cupboard and keep coats upstairs in a wardrobe separate from your clothes.

5. Buy a toy box each for your children to store their small toys in. Ensure they are put away every evening. My son’s toy cars are kept in one place other than when he feels the need to bring a few to nursery…………….

6. Do not leave a room empty handed.

7. Give everything a home. Resist the urge of leaving items out just because you may use them later that day.

8. Sort through your clothes into piles of;
A. Keep
B. May keep
C. Dispose of

Be ruthless and truthful to yourself.  Only purchase what you absolutely love, not because an item is cheap or “will do for now”.

Do you live a clutter-free life?
If yes, what advice would you give to others?
If no, what is causing the hindrance?

24 thoughts on “8 tips to minimise clutter in your home!”

  1. I really need to unclutter my living spaces. I know when I do, it does seem less chaotic, brings structure in my life. Unfortunately, it does not last long, and the chaos returns.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I like your tip of taking pictures of mail to discard the hard copy. That’s a great idea. I’m jealous of those that have their closets packed with old clothes. I haven’t gone clothes shopping really in years. I miss the time when I had to go and weed through my wardrobe.


  3. My room can win a contest in ‘cluttered-rooms’ category…lol
    No matter how hard I try the things get back in their chaotic form within a few hours.
    Now why it happens? umm..don’t know! You have given me a serious topic to think about today!


  4. Wonderful tips Phoenicia! I especially like the one “Do not leave a room empty handed.” I’ve never been a collector of stuff and don’t have children so it’s pretty easy for me to keep things in order, but my sister is the complete opposite so I’m going to forward your post to her. 🙂


  5. Am extremely organized and have always managed to avoid clutter. So I didn’t learn anything new. Just decided I’m not bying a sofa I want because it’s too wide and the room will look cluttered.


  6. Phoenicia, I should have read this post 35 years ago when we first moved into our large farmhouse with our seven boys. Talk about collecting clutter, wow. We are now preparing to downsize and everything must go except the bare essentials. So yard, sales, flea markets, charities, etc. are all being used to get rid of stuff. If we hadn’t kept everything in the first place this would all be so much easier.


  7. I am in the process of minimising clutter in my room. I start in sections such as cupboard one day and the desk the next, followed by the bookshelf. It helps to take an otherwise overwhelming task into do-able tasks. I recently cleared my desk a couple of months ago and now it is de-cluttered and I love it. I also ask people not to buy me presents for my birthday or holidays like Christmas because I want to keep my room de-cluttered.


  8. Alas, Phoenicia, since I moved into my small condo (from my big house), every room is cluttered. There are only three rooms now, and it is hard to walk through any of them because they are chockfull of furniture, books, and other items. I have been here only 6 months, and I keep giving things away, but there are still far too many items in my home. My clothes are the worst problem. I appreciate your reminder to keep sorting and giving away things I don’t wear.

    Dr Rin


    1. Dr Rin – I remember reading your adventures of moving from a large home into a small home. De-cluttering is a continuous process especially if you purchase lots of clothes and have children.


  9. I try to de-clutter my room now and again, but somehow things just always seem to pile up. My family move house often so everything tends to stay in storage boxes and never have fixed spots. Also, I agree with your last advice that we should only buy things we really love and will keep for a long time, but sometimes I fall victim to the SALE signs haha..


    1. I have fallen foul of buying items of clothing because they were in the sale. If I am honest, I was not in love with any of them. It is a false economy as you are not adding to your wardrobe at all. I am learning to think before making purchases.


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